"Unto an evil counsellor
Close heart and ear and eye,
And take a lesson from this tale
Of the Spider and the Fly."

Hans Christian Anderson

About Dr. Joel Wallach

"Trust Me, I'm a Doctor"
 Dr. Joel Wallach

by Dr. Joel D. Wallach, B.S., D.V.M., N.D. 
author of "Dead Doctors Don't Lie".



MINERALS: Final Message:

Dr. Joel Wallach has been delivering a message of good health and long life to American for years, a message that can really affect the lives of those who hear him speak.  Millions of people have heard his very popular audio cassette called “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie”, and many others have been reached with his message of good health through good nutrition on his nationally syndicated radio show.  Dr. Wallach commits himself to over 300 speaking engagements a year, in a further effort to get his message to all of us.  I sincerely hope that you’ll be on your way to achieving the ultimate in good health after you listen to this tape.  Here’s Dr. Wallach.


I grew up on a beef farm in Missouri, and like everybody else that raises livestock, we raise a lot of our own feed to stay in business.  And we raised corn and soy beans and hay, and we grind this stuff up into a flour and we add vitamins and minerals and trace minerals make pellets, and we feed those calves for about 6 to 9 months, and then we ship them off to be butchered, or maybe to other feeders, and you only save back the best ones for yourself.  And you knock them in the head and eat them.  It’s a real simple cycle on a farm.  The thing that fascinated me as a teenager was that we went to a great deal of trouble for those calves, and yet, as a family, we ate out of the very same fields.  We keep back 5 rows of corn for ourselves.  We had a garden at the end of the field where we grew our peas and beans and squash and tomatoes, and we wanted to live to be 100 with no aches and pains, and we didn’t give ourselves the very same vitamins and minerals and trace minerals that we gave the calves.  Now I used to ask my dad, “Hey, Pops, how come we go to all that trouble for those calves and not for ourselves?”  And he would say “Shut up, boy.  You’ve got farm fresh food, fresh air, lots of free exercise.  Don’t ask complicated questions.” 

And I was glad to get rid of the farm exercise and go to Ag school at the Univ. of Missouri, where my major was in animal husbandry and nutrition, my minor was in field crops and soils.  And I began to learn technical things about soil chemistry and how related to tons and bushels per acre, and ag economics.  But I didn’t get the answer to my basic question until I became a freshman veterinary student at the Univ. of Missouri, and there I learned the reason why we put all these vitamins and minerals and trace minerals in the animal feed, the bottom line, is because we don’t have insurance for them.  We don’t have Blue Cross, Blue Shield, major medical, hospitalization, Medicare, Medicaid, and if we were to use a human healthcare type of system for animals, it would be a sticker shock for you.  Your hamburger would cost you $275 per pound.  Boneless, skinless chicken breast, $450 a pound, a dozen eggs would be $50, just to pay for the healthcare.  So we learned that we could keep the price of animal products such as meat and dairy and poultry and eggs down to where the average American could afford them simply by significantly reducing or eliminating health care costs.  And we do that in animals by preventing and curing diseases with nutrition.

Well, after graduating vet school, I went to Africa for a couple of years and got to work with Marlin Perkins, from the old Mutual of Omaha “Wild Kingdom” days.  And that was a kind of a kick.  Got to play Frank Buck, use a tranquillizer gun, tromp all over Central and South Africa for a couple of years.  And then Marlin sent me a telegram and invited me back to the States.  He had gotten a 7.5 million dollar grant from the National Institutes of Health, and this was more than 30 years ago, and this was to study pollution and ecology and the environment, and my job as the wildlife veterinarian on the project was to do autopsies of animals that died of natural causes in the big zoos around the United States. 

I was supposed to identify or find species of animals that were ultra-sensitive to pollution.  And we were going to use that animal much like the old coal miners used to use canaries.  You know that goes, they take the canary down into the mine, and if methane gas or carbon monoxide would leak in the mine, canaries were more sensitive than men, and would drop off the perch and die long before the men were in danger of suffocating or blowing up.  Well, to make a long story short, after some 12 plus years of working on this project, I had done 17,500 autopsies on over 454 species of animals, plus 3,000 human beings for comparison.  And what I learned was, that every animal and every human being who dies of natural causes dies of a nutritional deficiency disease.

I got kind of excited about nutrition again, and I wrote 75 scientific papers on the subject.  I wrote chapters for 8 multi-author textbooks.  I Actually contributed a textbook myself.  A thousand pages, 2000 illustrations, and through the news releases that were in the big universities I worked with, I was on 20/20 with Hugh Downs and Geraldo before he got his nose broken the first time.  That was a kick.  Then 1700 newspapers around the world through the UPI and AP news services.  And with all this public exposure, with all this scientific exposure, I couldn’t get people in a position of authority, either in medical research, or in politics to get too concerned or interested in preventing or curing disease in human beings with nutrition just like we did in animals.  Well, I got frustrated enough I went back to school in Portland, Oregon, became a physician, and I practiced there 12 years as a general family practitioner, and I sewed up chainsaw wounds, delivered babies, actually used everything that I learned in veterinary nutrition on my human patients, and it was no surprise to me that it worked just as well in people as it did in animals.  



Well, to get started, I always like to talk about longevity, and the human being has a genetic potential to live healthily to be 120 to 140, and I’m going to prove that to you in just a minute.  Unfortunately, Americans do a lousy job when it comes to longevity.  Our average lifespan in the United States is 75.5, about half of what we are genetically capable of, and in 1990, when the World Health Organization examined the top 32 industrialized nations on earth, the United States came out 17th.  There are actually 16 other countries whose peoples live longer than we do.  We ranked 19th in healthfulness, that meant there were 18 other countries whose peoples live longer than we do before they develop heart disease and cancer and diabetes and arthritis and osteoporosis.  We ranked 23rd when it came to live births and first year survivability as a baby, and we ranked dead last, 32 out of 32, when it came to preventing birth defects.  Now all this means is, we have the highest priced healthcare system in the world, but not the best.  It also means that we have the most envied healthcare system in the world, but not the best.  We have the most technologically advanced healthcare system in the world, but not the best. 

Well, what we are going to do this evening, just before we get into this longevity stuff, we need to eliminate a bunch of medical dogma, these things are called medical myths.  I like to call them medical ka-kas.   



This was a study that was done in 1947.  They took laboratory animals and they had one group that was a pure vegan, nothing but vegetable material, grains, and fruits and vegetables and nuts; the other had the same basic diet with all the supplements, but they just added some veal powder, some ground up veal, some ground up bone meal and so forth, and the rats that were vegans, or vegetarians, lived 555 days, and the rats that rats that ate the omnivore diet with meat as well as the vegetables and grains lived twice as long, 1020 days.  So that’s kind of interesting, but people say “Oh that’s just laboratory animals, and they’re not spiritually elevated” and all that kind of stuff, so let’s keep looking here.

There was a great study that was published in the Denver Post in May of 1996, just about a year ago, and this study was done by the State Social Services in Colorado, and they identified all the 415 centenarians in the state of Colorado living at that time.  These are people over the age of 100, the oldest was 111, 415 of them, and they sent a social worker out to each one of the, gave them a hot meal to get their blood sugar up, and then sat there eyeball to eyeball and asked them all these questions on 5 pages of questionnaire.  They were looking for things they could point to and say this is why these people live to be 100.  They found out that two thirds of these 415 centenarians were women, one third were men, so you fellows can live to be 100 if you do everything right.  They found out that every religion, every culture was represented in these 415 centenarians, so no group, no religion, no race, no culture had a monopoly on living to be 100.  The only one that was 100%, they were all heavy red meat eaters.  Everyone of them ate red meat twice a day, there was not a single vegetarian in the bunch. 

Now there had to be something wrong with this theory that being a vegetarian is healthful.  At any rate, number 1, 100% were all heavy red meat eaters, number 2, 85% still worked after the age of 100, and they did primarily paperwork for family businesses, and baby-sat and did the dishes, and gardened and things like that.  75% took a nip of whiskey everyday.  You don’t want to get them out of order, you want to do the red meat twice a day, and if you get around to it, a nip of whiskey might be okay.  There’s no proof that being a vegetarian has any health or longevity benefits.  It’s a theory and it’s not panning out.  



Then, there’s a guy up at the University of California, San Francisco.  This guy wrote several books on longevity, 125 year diet, you can live to be 125 years of age, and he always says that if you eat less you’re going to live longer.  And this came from these old studies of 1947, where they restricted calories, and they took rats and let them eat free choice and they found out how much a rat would eat when you let them eat whatever they wanted.  So then they restricted those calories by 30% and they had another group that restricted the calories by 60% and they came out and said that those rats that had 30% less calories than the original group lived 50% longer, and the ones that had a 60% restriction of calories lived to be twice as old as the ones who got free choice.  And everybody got excited about restricting calories.  But what the original article said back in 1947 was that not only do you restrict calories, but you have to keep vitamins and minerals and trace minerals at the same level, even though you are cutting the calories, you keep the vitamins and minerals and trace minerals at the same level. 

Now what that means is, that even though you had restricted calories, the calories that were there were more nutrient dense.  There’s more minerals, more vitamins, more trace minerals per calorie in the restricted diet, because there was the same amount in the restricted calorie diet of vitamins and minerals and trace minerals as there was in the free choice diet. 

Now when a human being cuts his calories by 60% and they don’t supplement, whatever nutrition might be, by chance, in that food, they are actually restricting their trace minerals and vitamins and minerals.  Well, there was an honest article, in February of this year, eating less may lead to longer life.  Again that theme song they keep singing about, they did this study on Reese’s monkeys, they moved up from rats, and then they said, both groups received the same vitamins and minerals.  And it was just sort of a little afterthought in this article.   



Then there’s the subject of meditation and Yoga, this, of course, was brought to the United States in the 60’s and 70’s by the hippies and flower children, and it looks like there might be some grownup hippies in this room tonight.  You know, about the right age group.  This kind of died out for awhile, during the 70’s and 80’s, and during the 90’s this concept of meditation and Yoga has been reawakened by a best-selling author by the name of Depak Chopra who lives not too far away from here.  He has his clinic and so forth.  But there is no proof in the pudding that meditation and Yoga has any longevity benefit.  It certainly can calm you down during tax week and calm you down during finals week and that sort of stuff, but not longevity. 

And here’s one, a fellow who tried to cover all bases, a guy by the name of Tom Dowling, age 47, exercise, he was a marathon runner, he was a vegan, and he meditated.  And he started getting irregular heartbeats after being a marathon runner of some note, everybody knew him and he was kind of the athletic hero from the Midwest, actually from Kansas City, Missouri.  And he started getting irregular heartbeats so he went into the doctors office for a stress test, and he died an hour after the stress test, you know that treadmill thing.  They should have just given him some Selenium.



Then there’s the subject of organically grown food.  Everybody knows that organically grown food, or grains, vegetables, fruits and nuts that are grown on soils that have not had any sprays on them for two or three years, depending on the state that is certifying it, and think everybody will agree that the more organically grown food that you put in your diet the less likely you are to get cancer, because you are reducing the amount of chemicals in your life.  But a lot of people make the unreasonable extension that if you eat organically grown food you don’t have to take any vitamins and minerals and trace minerals, cause you get everything you need from your four food groups if they’re organically grown. 

I had a good friend by the name of Christopher Byrd, for many many years, over 20 years, and Chris is a best-selling author of books on organically grown food.  An expert on the subject, and I was always trying to give him vitamins and minerals and he refused to take them.  He would tell me, “Doc, I bring my own cooler, I don’t eat any hotel food, I bring my own organically grown food and so I don’t need to take vitamins and minerals.”  Well I was changing planes, a year ago, May of 1996, in Atlanta, and I had an hour to kill between planes.  I picked up the local newspaper and guess whose obituary I found in the newspaper, Chris Byrd.  Of course, again, he was a best-selling author of books, “The Secret Life of Plants”, “The Secrets of the Soil”, and he died at age 68 from a ruptured aneurysm, a type of stroke, 7.5 years before the average American dies.  And he led a pristine life, lived up in the mountains, had an organically grown garden, collected herbs like Yul Gibbons, and ate wild hickory nuts and all this kind of thing, and because of his belief, he died of a copper deficiency.  And I’ll show you in a minute that a copper deficiency causes ruptured aneurysms, and it’s just a tragic thing that people have so much to give and die at less than half their genetic potential for longevity.  



 Then there’s the subject of herbs.  Lot of people say to me, “Doc, I don’t need to take vitamins and minerals and trace minerals, because I use herbs.”  Now, herbs are not nutrition.  You have to understand that herbs are not nutrition.  They are plant medicines.  They’re safer, they’re more economical, and in most cases they are more effective than prescription medications that doctors will give you, but they are plant medicines.  If you have diarrhea, they will tighten you up.  If you have constipation, they will loosen you up.  If you have hypertension or high blood pressure, they can bring it down.  If you have a fever, they can bring it down.  But don’t expect to get enough Calcium or Selenium, or Boron or Copper, or Vitamin A from herbs.  And another good friend by the name of Tommy Bass, was an expert on herbs and he lived like Yul Gibbons up in the mountains out in the east, wrote many many best-selling books on herbs, and he died at age 88 and a lot of people will say, “Hey, that’s pretty good.  He lived 12 years longer than the average American.”  But you are going to see in a minute that that’s only half of your genetic capability, your genetic capacity for longevity.  And if Tommy Bass had taken vitamins and minerals as well as the herbs, he would probably still be alive today.  There’s no proof in the pudding that you can get enough nutrition from herbs.  



One of my favorites is this thing on salt.  This is probably one of the bigger medical ka-kas, this salt thing.  Doctors tell you “Don’t use salt!”  No sodium, because it’s going to give you hypertension, high blood pressure, it will give you heart disease, and they have made Americans paranoid about salt.  Now, I’m a veterinarian as well as a physician.  I refuse to believe that my human patients are dumber than a cow.  What’s the first thing a farmer or a rancher puts out for his livestock?  A big salt block, right?  Nobody gives any restriction on a cow, she goes out and has all the salt that she wants.  Never gets high blood pressure, and so I always used to tell my patients “Look, let’s use a little common sense here.  Why don’t you just go ahead and take a salt shaker, just salt your food to taste, go mad with the salt.  Your body will tell you when to back off.  And 98% of my patients would do it just because I asked them to do it.  And I have been vindicated in this belief. 

This was actually a study that was published in the NY Times, May 22, 1996, and this study was abstracted from JAMA, the Journal of the American Medical Association, the most prestigious medical journal in the world, according to themselves.  Now in this particular journal, a Dr. Alexander Gordon Logan, who is an epidemiologist and cardiologist on the teaching staff of the medical school at the Univ. of Toronto up in Canada, and he took 56 existing studies on hypertension or high blood pressure and restriction of salt, combined data from these 56 studies, which included 3505 people.  He threw away all the conclusions and re-evaluated the larger group and what he found out was this.  If you have normal blood pressure, and you restrict salt, it will not prevent you from getting heart disease or high blood pressure.  If you have hypertension or high blood pressure and you restrict salt, 97% of those with high blood pressure or hypertension who restrict salt will not get any measurable benefit.  Zero.  2-5% get measurable benefit, but it’s not significant.  They are only able to reduce their blood pressure by 3.7mm mercury, so here is what Dr. Alexander Gordon Logan said in JAMA, May 22, 1996.  He said, “You might as well go ahead and salt your food to taste”.  It’s a meaningless exercise.  Don’t get paranoid about salt.  It has nothing to do with blood pressure problems.  There has never been one single iota of proof that restricting salt has any benefit.  That’s just one of those medical myths, he called it, but I’m going to call it a medical ka-ka.  



Then there’s the subject of nutrition.  You know, the doctors always tell you “just eat your four food groups.  You don’t need vitamins or minerals or trace minerals.  You can get everything you need.”  And again, from these medical journals and hospital journals, I got some great ads.  These are from like the 1950’s, 1962.  I want you to read this.  This is from a hospital journal.  This is the Kellogg’s Roundtable topics for hospital staff.  You see there’s a doctor and two nurses, or maybe nurse and dietician.  The purchasing agent  “Do Kellogg’s cereal really save me money?”  The floor nurse, “How can I save time in the morning?”  Dietician “How can I get patients to eat breakfast, or enjoy breakfast?”   Does it say anything in there about giving patients good nutrition?  No!  They are solving all these administrative problems with Kellogg’s cereal, but nothing about nutrition.

Then here’s the crème de la crème of the advertisements.  Notice this is a hospital journal.  Journal of the American Hospital Association.  This is actually 1962.  “Coca Cola, too has it’s place in a well-balanced diet.  As a pure and wholesome drink it provides quick energy, brings you back refreshed after work or play.  It contributes to good health by providing a pleasurable moment.”  That’s the level of doctors’ nutritional training.  14 years in medical school and this is where they get their nutritional information, from these ads in the hospital journal.  



Now this is probably the biggest fraud ever perpetuated against the American People.  This cholesterol thing.  Last year Americans were so paranoid about cholesterol they spent 117 billion dollars for cholesterol testing alone, and it did not add 10 seconds to youngevity.  Now I’ve been telling my human patients for over 20 years to eat two eggs every morning, soft scrambled and buttered, poached, soft-boiled, and eat 72oz. of red meat every month as a source of cholesterol that’s good for you.  And, of course, 98% would just do it.  They would say “Boy, we love Doc Wallach.  He’ll let you eat two eggs for breakfast every morning, 72oz. red meat every month.”  Of course it sounds like a lot, but it’s only a quarter-pounder a day.

But at any rate, there’s always this 2% who are bean counters.  They say “Doc, we love you and respect you, but we read in Cosmopolitan Magazine, or our cardiologist told us that you might as well shoot people in the head as have two eggs every morning for breakfast because of all the cholesterol and heart disease.” 

Well, I’ve been vindicated in this one.  This is a study that was published Nov. 15, 1995.  It was the annual meeting of none other than the American Heart Assoc. in Anaheim, CA., not the National Enquirer, but the American Heart Association.  They finally did the study they should have done 50 years ago.  We did it in animals, so I never believed that cholesterol was the boogey-man that they would have you believe.  They took 141 healthy volunteers with an average blood cholesterol of 227.  Now I get a lot of people come to me and say “Doc, you’ve got to help me find something natural to get my cholesterol down, it’s terribly high and cardiologists want to give you this cholesterol-lowering drugs that will kill you.  Kill your liver and make you blind.”  And I say “Gosh, well how high is your cholesterol?”  And they say “it’s 240”.  Well, the normal blood cholesterol range is between 220 and 270.  So if you have a blood cholesterol of 240 and you get a cardiologist or an internist who is trying to get your blood cholesterol down below 200, you want to find a new doctor.  Don’t buy into that.

At any rate, for six months they had these 141 normal healthy people with an average blood cholesterol of 227, they had them eat 2 eggs every morning for breakfast.  At the end of 6 months they redid their cholesterol, and of course, their cholesterol did go up.  But it went up from 227 to 233.  It went up a whopping 6 points!  Here’s what the American Heart Association said after the six months’ study, at their annual meeting, Anaheim, CA., Nov. 15, 1995:  “We always assume that eggs were bad for you because eggs contain cholesterol.  But it now appears after this simple study that two eggs won’t hurt.”  The American Heart Association. 

So, as I tell you to eat two eggs to deal with a particular disease later on, it’s been approved by the American Heart Association, so don’t be shocked.  



Cholesterol should really be an essential nutrient, like Calcium, and Vitamin A and Vitamin C, Zinc, and so forth.  You would only make 10% of your daily need.  The other 90% you must get in your diet, and people get real good about restricting red meat, and chicken skin and dairy products, and so it is real easy to get cholesterol out of your life.  And the physicians, the medical profession has created a whole family of diseases that are related to fat deficiency, essential fatty acid deficiencies, cholesterol deficiency, and one of my favorites I’ll share with you.  This particular disease did not exist 40 years ago.  It was not in any medical textbook, it was not in any medical dictionary, it was not taught in any medical course.  It only became a disease entity in the literature in 1979.  Today it’s the number 4 killer of adults over the age of 65, behind cardiovascular disease, cancer, and diabetes.  It’s Alzheimer’s Disease.  It’s a physician-caused disease, and I’m going to prove that to you in a minute.

Now people say to me, “Look, Doc, every member of my family has got Alzheimer’s Disease, and doctors tell me that it is genetic.”  Well, it’s not genetic, and I’m going to prove that to you in a second, but if you have every family member who has got Alzheimer’s Disease, that means you have the same family physician.  You want to get a new doctor.

Your brain is 75% pure cholesterol.  And if you are really good at giving up cholesterol, and you are painstakingly careful about eliminating cholesterol in your diet, what’s going to happen in about 10 to 12 years?  You only make 10%  Well, you start losing that myelin, that insulating stuff out of your brain, again it makes up 75% of your brain weight, and the old squashola goes and you get Alzheimer’s Disease.

You can prevent Alzheimer’s Disease, you can reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s Disease to almost zero, if you eat two eggs every morning, soft scrambled, poached or soft boiled every morning, not fried.  And certainly no fried foods.  And you want to take in all 90 essential nutrients, you want to make sure you are taking in 1200 to 2000 units of Vitamin E everyday if you have Alzheimer’s in your family.  And doctors just go berserk when you I say things like that.  I used to say that we could prevent Alzheimer’s Disease in pigs and chickens, and they say “you show us where pigs and chickens get Alzheimer’s Disease”.  Well I can’t, because we prevent it!

But in the experiment, when we did experimentally produce Alzheimer’s Disease in pigs and chickens, it was called encephala malasia(?).  And so you have to know how to read the veterinary literature as well as the human literature.  Well, I’ve been vindicated in that one.  This was in our own Univ. of California, San Diego, School of Medicine, a very reputable medical school.  Also co-researched by the Salk Institute, also a very famous research institute.  “Vitamin E can ease memory loss in Alzheimer’s patients.”  This was four and a half years ago,  July, 1992.  I’ve been saying that over and over and doctors go berserk, wanting to know, “I want you to prove what you’re saying!”  “Vitamin E can ease memory loss in Alzheimer’s patients.”  I just send them a photocopy of this and they just say, “Oh, well, we have to close that investigation” and I’m just acting like a reporter here.  They think I’m just making this stuff up.  Well, for those who say “that was just one study, and there’s no way to prove that again”, this was just in the newspaper a couple of days ago now, “Vitamin E can slow Alzheimer’s Disease”, again the Univ. of CA., San Diego.  This is published in the New England Journal of Medicine.  



Well, my favorite disease is Arthritis.  The reason why I love Arthritis is that it’s easy to fix.  And when you can fix something as horrible and debilitating and painful and expensive and as miserable as Arthritis, you get kind of excited about this concept of preventing and curing disease with nutrition.  And so I tell people about this arthritis thing all the time.  So let’s have a quick look at arthritis.

Number one, 75-80% of all Americans over the age of 50 get arthritis to one degree or one type or another, and according to the CDC, the Center for Disease Control, 35 to 50 million baby-boomers are going to get arthritis in the next 7 to 10 years and there’s not a single medical treatment designed to treat or fix it.  Aspirin certainly doesn’t fix arthritis, it causes gastric bleeding and death.  Tylenol doesn’t fix arthritis, there’s 50,000 cases of kidney failure each year, 5000 so severe you need a kidney transplant.  Then there’s Ibuprofen, Advil, and Aleve, these things don’t fix arthritis, and they cause liver disease in 2-5% of users including liver sclerosis, even if you don’t drink.  And then there’s metholtrexate(?) and gold shots(?).  These things don’t fix arthritis, they subdue your bone marrow so that you can’t make normal platelets and white blood cells.  Then you have the granddaddy of all medical treatments for arthritis, Prednizone and Cortisone.  They don’t fix arthritis.  They subdue your immune system which leaves you open to diseases far, far more horrible than arthritis, and Prednizone and Cortisone accelerates the loss of minerals from your bone.  Something you don’t want when you have osteoporosis and arthritis. 

When these prescription medications and over-the-counter medications don’t work anymore to relieve pain and inflammation, the only thing left for you medically is joint-replacement surgery.  And I never liked to send my patients in for joint-replacement surgery, cause they never work out well.  In fact, many times you are worse off after the surgery than you were before the surgery. 

The advantage my patients have always had is that I’m a veterinarian as well as a physician.  So I always used to tell my patients “Look, we have all these nutritional formulas designed to prevent and cure disease in animals, including arthritis, and so I tried adapting nutritional arthritis formulas designed to prevent and cure arthritis in pigeons and turkeys, dogs and cats, sheep, pigs, horses, cows, lions, tigers and bears to human use.  It was no surprise to me, it works just as well in humans as it does in animals, because it was designed to prevent and cure arthritis in pigs.  And of course it has some really nifty stuff in it, which I have been telling people to use for 20 years, and I have literally seen tens of thousands of people who have had a regrowth of cartilage, ligaments, tendons, connective tissue, bone foundation, bone matrix.  Doesn’t matter if they are 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, I’ve seen people 97 years old regrow cartilage and bone, even if they had bone to bone arthritis.  If there’s blood supply to that joint and that bone, they will regrow bone and cartilage.

Well, Harvard Medical School goes berserk when you say stuff like that.  “Wallach, you can’t say those things!  And the only thing left when they get bone to bone arthritis is joint-replacement surgery.”  And I would agree with him if the only raw materials you are using is Tylenol and aspirin and Prednizone and Cortisone.  We have learned over 50 years that you can’t regrow cartilage and bones using those things. 

Now one of the basic  things, of course, that the Harvard Medical School jumped on and said “this is so ridiculous that this couldn’t work!”  And so they took 29 arthritis patients who had not responded in any way to heroic medical treatment for arthritis over 15 to 20 years.  They took them off their medication, it wasn’t working anyway, lined them up for joint-replacement surgery, and for 90 days before their surgery they gave them heaping tablespoon of ground up chicken cartilage in their orange juice every morning for 90 days.  They were sort of chuckling in their beer saying “nothing is going to happen”.  Well, here’s what happened.  In 10 days these people had complete relief of pain inflammation that they hadn’t had in 15 to 20 years.  In 30 days they could open up a new pickle jar that had never been opened without pain to the fingers, wrists, elbows and shoulders.  In 90 days 28 of the 29 were clinically cured.  Now this is from the Harvard Medical School and the Boston VA.  That meant that they had complete return, 100% return, of the range of motion, all of the pain and inflammation was gone, in their fingers and toes and hips and knees and neck, and certainly many of them still had knots on their fingers, cause it was only 90 days, and you would think they would call me up, these professors from Harvard Medical School and from the Boston VA, and say “Look, Wallach, we have to apologize to you.  We’ve been bad-mouthing you for 20 years and why don’t you come up to Boston, let’s talk about the whole thing?”  Here’s what they said, “After 3 months it was clear that the drug was beneficial.” 

Chicken cartilage had become a drug in 90 days!  Now why would that happen?  Well, because you can’t patten chicken cartilage, and they convinced the US Patten Office that they were using a drug to do this study, and they actually got a use-patten on chicken cartilage.  And you, too, for $3500 a month, can get Harvard Medical School’s chicken cartilage in a capsule for arthritis.  (You can get it for 30 cents a day… ha, ha).  That’s kind of interesting.  And of course,  cartilage or gelatine, has chondroitin sulfate in it, glucosamine sulfate, collagen, these are all the basic raw materials to rebuild cartilage and bone.  Now again I have been telling my human patients this for 20 years.  They’ve been using gelatine and cartilage for race horses for 100 years for their cartilage and ligaments and joints.  And in 1995, a Luke Bucci, an exercise physiologist came out with a great book called “Pain Free”, and he talks about the advantages of gelatine and cartilage and glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate and collagen for regrowing cartilage, ligaments, tendons, connective tissue, bone foundation, bone matrix, he does this with nutrition.  He does this with glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate and collagen and cartilage and gelatine.  Just a couple of months ago, a medical doctor, Dr. Jason Theodisakus, MD, wrote the “Arthritis Cure”, subtitle “the medical miracle that can halt, reverse and may even can cure osteoarthritis.”  



Now certainly the scariest disease in the United States is cancer.  Everybody is very horrified when you talk about cancer.  People get nervous.  And in my tape “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie” I talked about the anti-cancer diet that was found.  Everybody goes berserk when I say things like that, “No, there’s no such thing as an anti-cancer diet”, and there you see it.  This is a newspaper article, it was actually a news release by the National Cancer Institute.  They did a five year study in Henan Province in China, and they chose to go to Henan Province in China because it had the highest rate of cancer in the whole world.  They took 29,000 normal healthy people, between the ages of 40 and 69, divided them up into small groups, gave each group a different vitamin, different mineral, combinations of vitamins and minerals, to see if any nutrient or combination of nutrients would reduce this horrible rate of cancer in Henon Province.  What they found out was, if you take a single vitamin, don’t expect too much positive to happen.  We’re not too surprised at that.  Lynus Pauling, one of our favorite sons here in California, two Nobel Prizes, took 10,000mg of Vitamin C everyday for 35 years, and still died of prostate cancer at age 93, 7 years short of the magic number of 100.  Well they did find one group that showed significant benefit.  This group, had 20 cents a day worth of 3 nutrients, pitifully low dose, double the American RDA, - Beta Carotene, Vitamin E, and the trace mineral Selenium.  The group showed a reduction in deaths from all causes of 9%.  Suicide, car accidents, things like pneumonia, heart disease, ruptured aneurysms, diabetes and cancer.  It reduced all cancer deaths in this group by 13%, and the type of cancer most common in Henon Province, stomach cancer, and lower esophageal cancer they reduced by 21%.  Saved almost 1 out of 4 that were projected to die from esophageal and stomach cancer.  Just simply from these 3 nutrients, Beta Carotene, Vitamin E, and Selenium.  There was a redo on this by the University of Arizona, and this was published in JAMA, the Journal of the American Medical Association, Dec. 25, 1996, on Christmas Day, and this should have been the greatest healing and medical story in history.  It did not even make the top 10 Associated Press news stories for 1996.  That’s how biased the medical profession is against nutrition.  This should have been the greatest health story in recorded history.  



The University of Arizona Medical School took 1300 people, put them on 250-500mcg Selenium, and for 10 years they looked at them for skin cancer.  And it didn’t help skin cancer, we know that, because Selenium doesn’t work for skin cancer.  Zinc, and Beta Carotene and Vitamin E works for skin cancer.  What they found out serendipitously, they weren’t expecting this, it just sort of popped out of the study, they were able to reduce esophageal cancer by 71%, they were able to reduce prostate cancer by 69% fellows, better than two thirds, they were able to reduce colon and rectal cancer by 64%, almost two thirds, they were able to reduce lung cancer, whether you smoked or not, by 48%, and ladies, in a parallel study from the University of California by the great Dr. Gerhardt Schrauser, he said you can reduce your risk of breast cancer, depending on the type of breast cancer, by 50-85%, by taking 250 to 500 mcg of Selenium everyday.  



The last medical ka-ka we want to look at, before we get into the longevity stuff, is exercise.  How many of you have ever heard that exercise is good for you?  You’re asleep at the wheel if you haven’t heard that one.  Well, if that were true, people who exercise should live longer than people who are couch potatoes, right?  The average couch potatoe in America lives to be 75.5, the average athlete, depending on the sport and the level of competence, lives to be 62 to 68.  So there is something wrong with this theory that exercise alone is good for you. 

I want you to think about Jim Fixx, who died in 1984 at age 52.  Jim Fixx was running 10 miles a day from the early 60’s believing that if you ran 10 miles a day seven days a week you could live to be over 100.  And he refused to take vitamins and minerals because he believed he would muddy the water and he wanted to prove that it was the exercise that helped you live to be over 100.  And so he refused to take any vitamins and minerals and trace minerals, and when he was 52 years old he had 5 cardiomyopathy heart attacks.  Five Selenium deficiency heart attacks in his 52nd year.  The 5th one killed him.  When they did the autopsy on Jim Fix, they said “Gosh, his arteries are as clean as a newborn baby’s”, but he had a huge technical problem, his heart was dead.  Doesn’t matter how clean your arteries are if your heart is dead it doesn’t matter, does it? 

And you look at people like Jesse Owens.  Won 4 gold medals in track and field in the 1936 in Berlin, died at age 66.  The Flying Finns were the Olympic team for track and field for Finland during the 20’s and 30’s.  They dominated 3 Olympics in a row.   Won most of the gold, most of the silver almost all the bronze medals during those three Olympics and two in the late 20’s and the first Olympics in the 30’s.  They dominated everybody.  None of them lived to be 70 years of age.

Well here’s the last one on exercise before we get into the longevity.  Dr. Michael P. Artise, 38 years old, was also a runner, and this guy ran all through Junior High and High School, and college and medical school, and when he graduated he still loved exercise and believed it was good for you.  And he tried to carry this love of exercise to his patients so he gave them a 10% discount on his medical services if they would run with him 2 weeks out of every month.  Now this particular fateful day, Dr. Michael P. Artise, 38 years old, was jogging with a big group, gallery of his patients, kind of like Forest Gump, running down this road, and he collapsed and died in front of his horrified patients.  But it was billing week, so nobody stopped to give him CPR because they didn’t want to lose that 10% discount on his services.  



Now, if you do everything right, how old can you live to be?  Is it worth all the effort?  I believe it is.  Here’s one, Christian Mortenson from San Rafael, California, in August of 1995, turned 113, August of 1996 turned 114 and he’s still going strong.  Certainly can live to be 115.  He smokes a couple of cigars a day, like George Burns, who also lived to be over 100.  Certainly the only exercise George Burns ever got was to put the cigar in his mouth.  And then you have, this guy plays golf twice a week.  This gal here, Dora Ramathebe, from South Africa, in July of 1995 turned 114, and when she was asked by the media, “Dora, what do you attribute your health and longevity to?”, she did not say that we owe it all to our annual physical or our HMO, she said “I ate locusts everyday.”  You know, little grasshoppers.  She’s not a vegetarian, she eats little animals.  Pumpkin seeds, tortoise meat, wild herbs, dried fruit, and starch each day with a cup of coffee.

Now here is Margaret Skeets, from Radford, VA, in 1994 the oldest documented living American when she died at age 115.  Fell over and fractured her hip.  Two weeks later she was dead from complications of Osteoporosis, simple Calcium deficiency.  And we’ll talk more about that in a minute.  Unfortunately this is not unusual.  75% of Americans over the age of 65 who fracture a hip or major leg bone, don’t live 90 days, they die of pneumonia, pulmonary embolism, stroke and other complications of that fracture.

This gal is one of my favorites, Jean Calmen from France.  She rode her bike as a volunteer librarian in Paris for 105 years.  February 21, 1995, she turned 120 and she was documented in the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest living woman in the world.  There were others who claimed to be older than she but they didn’t have the documentation to prove it.  February 21, 1996, she turned 121, February 21, 1997, she turned 122, still going strong and has no intention of dying yet.

Susie Brunson, according to family, in December of 1994 was the oldest American when she died at the age of 123.  And they based their claim on her birthdate, December 25, 1870, which is recorded in the family bible.

And this guy here, Francisco Chapparino, October 1995, was from a little town outside of Bogota, Columbia, turned 125.  When he was asked by the media, “Hey Francisco, what do you attribute your health and longevity to?”  He said, “Well, I drink a gallon of goat’s milk everyday.”  Also, it’s kind of fascinating in his birthday announcement, this is not an obituary, this is a birthday announcement, said that over 40 years ago physicians told him he only had a couple of months to live, so he had his sons build him a coffin, and he’s been waking up every morning for 40 years, sitting by that coffin, waiting to die.  When night time comes he goes to bed, wakes up, sits by the coffin and waits to die.  Now he’s still going strong and all the doctors who told him that more than 40 years ago are long since dead.

Now this fellow, Hamudi el Abdulla, from Syria, July 1993, about 3 and a half years ago, died age 133 and he was still fathering children after the age of 100.  He remarried for the 4th time when he was age 80, fathered 4 boys, 5 girls, 9 children after the age of eighty with the same wife, and if you add up the pregnancies, the breast feeding, the time in between pregnancies, he was still fathering children after the age of 100.

Now this very next one is my very favorite.  This gal, Mazumi Doosti, from Iran, according to the Rocky Mountain News Wire Services out of Denver, and the Iranian News Agency, in January, 1995, she died at age 161.  Now you had to give a certain amount of credibility to this report that she died at age 161, because she is survived by 6 living children ranging in age from 120 to 128.  They hadn’t even left home to go to college yet.  Now her oldest son, Golan, said his mother had never visited a doctor nor taken any chemical medications during her life, but did take a few herbs.  So if you kind of think about it, every one of these people who lived to be over 100, 120, 130, 160, these people are not from the United States, or Canada, or Germany, or England.  Kind of interesting, isn’t it?  Most of them are from 3rd world countries.  They are furtherest away from medical help, and they live to be, oh, so we’re beginning to collect information here.

The last one we want to look at, in the National Geographic Society, a very respected group of people, scientists, support group for scientists, comes out with a monthly magazine, the National Geographic Magazine, of course.  And they, in January of 1973, 24 years ago, came out with a nifty special issue on longevity.  They looked at about 10 cultures whose people routinely lived to be about 120-140.  And they documented the oldest living human being that they could find based on their criteria.  This fellow, by the name of Sharalla Mesmelov, from Azur Bhaijan(?), a little country just south of Russian Georgia in western Russia today, they documented him as being 167 years old.  Remember, this is the National Geographic Society, not the National Enquirer.  167 years of age, and they had a half page picture of him actually harvesting tea leaves on a tea plantation.  Still working 8 hours a day, six days a week at age 167.  Five months later, May of 1973, he turns 168, goes out and hoes the garden for reporters to show how vigorous he is at age 168. 

All this is just to prove to you that human beings do have a genetic capacity to live to be 120-140, people do it all the time.  Unfortunately, Americans don’t do a very good job.  Our average life-span is 75.5, half of what we’re genetically capable of, so we need to look at why.  What’s going on here, what can we do to fix this?  Well, I’ve been doing bio-medical research and clinical research in animals and human beings for almost 39 years, and I can tell you, no matter how you look at health and longevity, whether it be in animals or human beings, there’s only really two concepts you have to deal with.  Number one, I refer to as ‘avoid stepping on the land mines’.  This is where you don’t want to throw away your healthy physical body wastefully.  You don’t want to smoke.  Don’t abuse alcohol.  Don’t do drugs.  Don’t jog down a highway at 2am wearing a black Ninja suit, you’re going to get hit by a truck.

Lastly, on concept number one, you want to avoid going to a doctor, because given half a chance, they will kill you.  One of my most inflammatory statements in the “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie” tape, was that doctors kill 300,000 Americans every year, and of course that came from a news release, Ralph Nader and Sydney Wolf, in January, 1993. 

Now the last moral of this story, of concept number one, of course, is whatever you do, whenever a doctors says “Here’s our options”, never say “Doc, whatever you say, you’re the doctor”.  What you want to do, when a doctor says “Here’s our options”, is to say “Look, I want copies of all these records and tests.  I want copies of the xrays.”  And go visit 3 other doctors and 3 other hospitals, talk to 12 of their living patients that have gone through this procedure.  Talk to them and see if you really want to do this.  I mean, you do this for your driveway, and your roof, and your fence, and your yard, and all that kind of stuff, why not for your own physical body?  That’s concept number one.

Now that you’ve avoided all the land mines, you are in a good position to do all the positive things that you need to do to go on to live to be over 100.  Basically, what you want to do is take all 90 essential nutrients, 60 minerals, 16 vitamins, 12 essential amino acids, and 3 essential fatty acids.  They are called essential nutrients for 2 reasons.  Number one, your body cannot manufacture them, you must consume these everyday either as food or as supplements.  Number two, if any one of these essential nutrients is missing for a couple of months or a couple of years, you get, on the average, 10 deficiency diseases.  10 deficiency diseases times 90 essential nutrients, that’s 900 diseases you can potentially prevent just simply by supplementing properly.  You have everything to gain and nothing to lose by supplementing properly.  



Well, the medical profession, of course, has this malignant dumb belief that you can get everything you need from your four food groups.  My favorite article of all times in the press, was April 6, 1992, Time Magazine, cover article, “The real power of vitamins.  New research shows it might help cancer, fight heart disease, and the ravages of aging.”  Six positive pages.  If you haven’t read it, I would encourage you to go to a public library, school library, and dig it out and read it.  There’s only one negative statement in it, and as you can guess, it was offered by a medical doctor who was actually contacted by the writer of the article, said “What do you think of vitamins, minerals and trace minerals as supplements for human nutrition?”  Here’s what he said, “Popping vitamins doesn’t do you any good,” sniffs Dr. Victor Herbert, a professor of Medicine at New York City’s Mount Sanai Medical School.  “We get all the vitamins we need in our diets, and taking supplements just gives you expensive urine.”

Now the Missouri translation of that is that you are just peeing away your money.  Might as well wad up your dollars, throw them in the toilet, and flush them away.  You can get everything you need from your four food groups” was what he was trying to say.  Well, I would rather pee out 50 cents or a dollar a day worth of excess vitamins or minerals.  That’s cheap insurance.  Think about it.  How much money do you spend for coffee, or soft drinks, or newspapers, or that kind of stuff everyday, 50 cents or a dollar a day to maintain and repair your body.  And it is kind of fascinating that most people don’t do it.  Just remember, when you pay that doctor out of your own pocket, or indirectly through insurance, or indirectly through your taxes and Medicare or Medicaid, not a single penny of that goes to better understand, manage, feed, prevent or cure catastrophic diseases in kids, breast cancer in women, prostate cancer in men.  It pays the doctors mortgage, the doctors Mercedes payment, the tuition for his kids to go to medical school, or worse yet, Yale Law School.  All we need is a bunch more Yale lawyers walking around. 

Now a lot of people ask me, “Why did you call your original tape, ‘Dead Doctors Don’t Lie’?”  Why do you call your lecture series “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie?”  Well that’s because I have believed for a long time, because I had done medical research for over 20 years in large medical research institutes, medical schools, the various laboratories, and always had a belief in the medical system, but I was very disappointed when I learned that doctors don’t know the most about health and longevity.  Doctors don’t know most about disease.  They do know about procedures.  You know, how to fix your bones when you break them, and that kind of thing.  How to do a cat scan.  And so I began to look in the medical journals, in the medical school library here in San Diego, and sure enough, the first article ever published on health and longevity of American doctors is published in JAMA in 1895.  They said, at that time, doctors lived to be 54.6.  I redid the study 97 years later, using the same obituary techniques as they did in JAMA, this was Jan. 20, 1993, that particular issue of JAMA, and it turned out that doctors lived to 57.6.  I rounded it up to 58 for the benefit of the doubt, and doctors just went berserk when I said that.  This was the most outrageous thing they had ever heard. 

My principle is, my premise is, that doctors don’t live as long as the average couch potatoes in America.  And I purposely put that figure out there, 58, to try and challenge people.  Well, doctors immediately looked at all the insurance actuarial charts, they got 250,000 dead doctors, they said “Your group is too small”, so they got 250,000 dead doctors, and they said, “Doctors don’t live to be 58, they die at 62.”  They still don’t live to be 75.5 like the average couch potatoes.  We actually reran this again, using the entire obituary history for 1996, and for the entire 1996, all doctors dying in 1996, with all the medical treatments and drugs and procedures and transplants, and doctors in that study lived to be 70.  Still 5.5 years short of the average couch potatoes in America.  So they still have never proved that doctors live as long as everybody else, and that is why “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie”.  Doctors kill each other, in surgery just like they do everybody else. 

Here’s one of my favorites, Dr. Ian Monroe, 73 years old, was the editor of LAMPTA, the top medical journal, the top international medical journal.  It is very famous, every newspaper in America quotes articles out of LAMPTA.  USA Today, New York Times, San Diego Union Tribune, the cause of death was complications of surgery, which is just a politically correct way of saying the surgeon killed him.  The editor of LAMPTA.  And then of course, when you eliminate fast cars, and suicides, and overdoses of drugs, and airplane accidents and so forth, doctors die of nutritional deficiency diseases, just like everybody else.  I brought you just two or so of my favorites.  



Dr. Stewart Cartwright, aged 38, was a local physician here in San Diego, died at age 38 with a ruptured coronary aneurysm.  This guy was a good-looking kid.  Could have been a movie actor, I’m sure he married the prom queen.  Southern California, probably had a Mercedes convertible, white leather interior, and all the bells and whistles.  Probably never repaid his student loan, all the things that medical students are famous for, and drops dead of a ruptured coronary aneurysm in his heart.  Something a turkey wouldn’t die from. 

We learned in 1957 from a turkey study, where they took 250,000 turkeys, and they put them on a complete turkey pellet trying to get them finished for market within a few days or week or so of each other.  And in the first 13 weeks, fully half of them, 125000 of them died.  Farmers were out there every morning, they picked them up every morning by the bushel basket full and took them to the State Diagnostic Lab to see what they died from, and when they opened them up, every one of them had died of a ruptured aortic aneurysm.  And one of the clever pathologists said “That’s got to be due to a copper deficiency, cause copper is required to manufacture the elastic fibers of arteries and skin and other tissues.  And the mechanism of an aneurysm is identical to the mechanism of a balloon or weakened wall of a tire.  You know when you hit a chuckhole with your tire and you break the cords, the internal pressure blows a balloon, you overload that tire with weight, or heat it up on a highway, it blows out.  Same way with an aneurysm.  When you have a copper deficiency, you get a breakdown in the elastic fibers in that artery, the internal pressure, even normal blood pressure, will blow a balloon in that artery, and a balloon in that artery is called an aneurysm.  And of course, if it is in a strategic place, like the brain, carotid artery, the coronary artery, the large arteries, aorta, pulmonary arteries, renal arteries, they blow out you die suddenly just like you been shot.  Well, they got excited about this, they doubled the amount of copper in these pellets, and next year they tried to raise 500,000 turkeys and they did not lose a single one from a ruptured aneurysm.  They went from a 50% loss to a 0% loss just by adding a little copper to those pellets.  So they said well maybe the same thing is true for humans, so in 1958 they began looking at copper deficiency in various species of animals and humans and here’s what they found out.   



The very first symptom of copper deficiency in human beings is white, gray and silver hair.  Copper is required as a co-factor to manufacture hair pigment, doesn’t matter whether it is red, blonde, brown or black hair, and I see a lot of copper deficiency in this room.  I can almost tell you which people, men and women, have colored their hair.  I’m good at that, being a physician, and you don’t want to be like a medical doctor and just treat the symptoms.  If you are coloring your hair, you are just treating the symptoms.  You need to do the basic things, take some colloidal copper, and if you don’t what’s going to happen is, you get a breakdown in the elastic fibers of your skin, and you begin getting crows’ feet around the corners of your eyes and mouth, parts of your anatomy begin to sag, and you know you’re in trouble when your doctor tells you “I’ve got a golf buddy down the hall who is a plastic surgeon.  And for $10,000 he’ll make you look 20 years younger.  But you don’t need face-life, a booby-lift, a tummy-tuck, or a derriere-lift.  All you need is some colloidal copper and everything will come back up, just like you had a hydraulic jack under it.  It will just come right back up.  Those elastic fibers tighten right up.  They’ll say, “Francine, did you get a face lift?  You look like you are 20 years younger.”  Now if you don’t take some action at that point, the next thing that happens is, breakdown in your elastic fibers in the large veins of your legs and you get varicose veins.  You don’t take action at that point, you get a breakdown in the large veins of your exhaust pipe and you get hemorrhoids.  So if you have hemorrhoids, varicose veins, things that sag, wrinkles, white, gray or silver hair, the odds are you have aneurysms developing in you somewhere, and you don’t want to, of course, die suddenly of a ruptured aneurysm when your body has been warning you for 10, 20, 30 years. 

Just remember, people don’t die suddenly of an aneurysm, it may be you drop and die.  Think about Albert Einstein.  He died of a ruptured aortic aneurysm at 68 years of age.  What color was his hair?  He was famous for wild, white hair, wasn’t he?  Now you would like to think that people who win the Nobel Prize in Medicine at least live to be 75.5, but they live to be 58 just like other doctors.  And that’s because they are trained, and they believe, and practice that they can get everything you need from your four food groups.  Doesn’t matter if you win the Nobel Prize or not. 

This guy, Dr. George Kohler, was the youngest person ever to win the Nobel Prize in Medicine in history.  37 years old, wins the Nobel Prize in Medicine, and he won it by studying monocline antibodies, which antibodies trained to attack cancer cells.  If they ever get this really working, it will be great, because they won’t have to use chemo-therapy anymore, which kills more people than it saves.  Eleven years after winning the Nobel Prize in Medicine, Dr. George Kohler, now 48, drops dead of a cardiomyopathy heart attack, because he believed/practiced that you can get everything you need from your four food groups.  Didn’t take any Selenium, died of a cardiomyopathy heart attack.

Now I have to tell you, why athletes are early warning systems.  Couch potatoes, by definition, are people who go to extraordinary efforts not to sweat.  They make every human effort not to sweat.  They are changing the TV channels, “Honey, bring in the popcorn, I’m changing the channels.  Honey, bring in the TV Guide, I’m changing the channels.”  Well, by contract, athletes have the attitude, “no pain, no gain”.  They are out there sweating, working away, power-training, strength training, running and they sweat.  Athletes, no matter of age, sweat more in 5 years than couch potatoes do in 70 years.  And when you sweat, you don’t just sweat out Potassium and Gatorade, you sweat out all 60 essential minerals.  If you sweat out all your Selenium and you don’t replace it by supplementation, you’re at high risk of getting a cardiomyopathy heart attack.  You sweat out all your copper and don’t replace it by supplementation, you’re at high risk of developing an aneurysm and dying suddenly of a ruptured aneurysm.  If you sweat out all your chromium and vanadium and don’t replace it by supplementation, you’re at high risk of getting diabetes.  And if you sweat out all your calcium and magnesium, boron and zinc, and sulphur, and other minerals that are required for cartilage, ligaments, tendons, connective tissue, bone, you’re going to get a joint/bone injury.  What is the biggest single cause of an athlete’s career being ended early?  Joint and bone problems, right?  It’s because they sweat out all the basic minerals they need to maintain those parts of the body and they don’t supplement with them because doctors tell them they can get everything they need from the four food groups.

What are the early warning system for mineral deficiency?  Well, I already told you about white, gray or silver hair for a copper deficiency.  Liver spots or age spots on the back of your hand, side of your face or neck is caused by a Selenium deficiency.  And you know, again, about Selenium deficiency.  Then, of course, you have toe cramps, leg cramps, hypertension.  These things are all caused by a deficiency of calcium, and if you’re an athlete at age 25 or 15, and you get a leg cramp, it’s a calcium deficiency.  Your body is telling you, if you don’t stop drinking those Pepsis and start supplementing with some calcium, by the time you are 40, 50, 60 years old you’re going to suffer with arthritis and osteoporosis.  But most people say, I have to get this high-priced trainer.  I need somebody who can give me massage therapy because I have this cramp.  And they don’t go and take their supplements. 



Now lastly, is a behavior called Pica and cribbing.  Farmers know about Pica and cribbing.  This is where animals eat non-food items, dirt, rocks, sand, wire, nails, shingles off the roof.  They’ll eat paint, deer bones, if you see a cow eating deer bones you know they are mine rally deficient.  Even a farmer with a 4th grade education knows they are minerally deficient, will give the animals minerals to prevent having rebuild the fence, and prevent large veterinary bills.  Little kids react the same way.  I’m sure you see little kids who use a plastic shovel or a little spoon and they are eating dirt out of the garden or out of the houseplant, maybe on the beach or the playbox at school.  And if you live in one of these new-fangled apartments that have everything artificial.  Man-made rugs wall to wall, maybe the tile is man-made stuff, nothing organic in the house.  These are kids that will watch the Disney Channel and they will put the kitty litter box between their knees, sit there eating the tootsie rolls because it is the only organic thing in the house.  Not because it tastes good, because of seeking, they have this Pica and cribbing.  Grandfather tends to be very tolerant and says “Look, kid, if you’ve got to do this, go over in the corner and do this.  I don’t want to have to watch.  Mom and Grandmom don’t like this, they pick up this kitty litter box, place it on the kitchen counter, contaminate everybody in the household with worms, and they still haven’t satisfied the kid’s need for minerals.  And they immediately go over and start eating the caulking from the windows the lead paint.  Not because it tastes good, but because it’s convenient.  Pregnant women are legendary for having Pica and cribbing.  Usually at 2am, they want pickles and ice cream, curly French Fries, hot and spicy foods.  That’s because the embryo is taking minerals from the mother, and if they don’t supplement with minerals faster than the embryo is taking it from them, they get Pica and cribbing and have these crazy cravings.  Some go out in the middle of the night and eat clay in the full moon.

Then, of course, non-pregnant women also get Pica and cribbing.  Here is where the snack food industry has really caught on.  The U.S. Dept. of Agriculture says, 95% of all Americans are deficient in minerals.  95% of all Americans are going to show mineral deficiency symptoms, including Pica and cribbing.  The snack food industry has spent billions of dollars over the past 10 or 12 years convincing you that this behavior of eating non-food items is not called Pica and cribbing.  Cause you can go look it up in the dictionary, it will say a mineral deficiency.  They’ve convinced you that cravings and binge-eating habits and behavior is called “the munchies”.  Now when you get the munchies, you are taught to eat their chips and their dips, and their various snacks, pretzels, popcorn, their chocolate and Reeses peanut butter cups, and curly French Fries.  That’s why Americans are overweight, basically because we are minerally deficient.  Again we need 90 essential nutrients, 60 minerals, 16 vitamins, 12 essential amino acids, and 3 essential fatty acids.  And fortunately, over the thousands of years that human beings have been around, we haven’t had to think much of this, because our food plants, our grains, vegetables, fruits and nuts take carbon dioxide out of the air and manufacture long carbon chains, many of which are vitamins, amino acids, fatty acids, and this is where this medical ka-ka came from that you can get everything you need from your four good groups.  Because they say, well, plants, grains, fruits and nuts can manufacture vitamins, amino acids, fatty acids, but we have tried this experiment for 200 years.  Americans have eaten better than anybody else in the world.  We have had the best quality of food in the world, over anybody else, and yet we only live to be 75.5.  We don’t set any health and longevity records.  So if you want to live to be over 100, you can’t get it from eating your four food groups.  You can live to be 75.5, you may live 10 years older or 10 years younger, but on the average 75.5.  So if you want to live to be over 100 you do have to supplement with vitamins, amino acids and fatty acids. 

Minerals are a different story.  Plants can’t manufacture minerals the way that can manufacture vitamins, amino acids and fatty acids.  Plants cannot manufacture minerals.  Remember that.  Also, minerals never occur in a uniform blanket around the crust of the earth.  Minerals are in veins, kind of like chocolate-ripple ice cream.  For 100 years, farmers have used a simple fertilizer known as NPK, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium because for $25 per acre when I was a kid, $120 an acre today, NPK gives you the maximum yield in terms of tons and bushels per acre of ground.  Nobody pays the farmer any kind of cash incentive or gives him a tax break to make sure you get all 60 essential minerals.  That’s your job.  They grow tons and bushels for domestic sale and for export.  It only takes 5 years for crops to deplete, extract or mine the minerals out of farmlands or rain soils, and we have been using NPK for 100 years, so you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that over 90 years, at least, we have been deficient in our soil in America and as a result our food is deficient, and as a result we spent 1.2 trillion dollars for healthcare last year.  If the government would just give everybody vitamins, minerals and trace minerals, it would cut our cost of healthcare from 1.2 trillion to 200 billion.  It would cut the cost of healthcare almost 90%. 

One of the things I want you to collect when you leave here tonight is a summary of US Senate document 264, which says there is no longer any nutritional minerals left in our farm and rain soils, and as a result the crops, the grains, fruits and vegetables that are grown are minerally deficient, and as a result the animals who eat minerally deficient crops get mineral deficiency diseases, and the only way to prevent and cure them is with mineral supplements.  Now to me the scary thing about US Senate document 264 is that it was written and published by the US Senate in 1936.  61 years ago we knew this.  This is when we began to put vitamins and minerals and trace minerals into animal feed to make up the difference.  Unfortunately for human beings, we got wonder drugs.  We got sulfa drugs in ’36, penicillin in ’38, got cortisone in ’42, and everybody was led to believe that if you just give medical research enough money, and if you faithfully watch Dr. Marcus Welby, MD, every week, they will find a wonder drug to fix everything.  We don’t believe that anymore, that’s why you’re here tonight.  Remember this, 1936.



Let’s look at the most common mineral in the human body.  85% of the total mineral is calcium.  There’s 147 different diseases you can get from a calcium deficiency.  We’ll just go over the top 10 when it comes to the number of people affected and the amount of money involved. 

  • Osteoporosis:

Let’s look at Osteoporosis, the number 10 killer of adults in the United States.  Remember, 75% of those over the age of 65 who fracture a hip or leg bone don’t live 90 days.  Also, it’s the most horrible disease when it comes to human misery and dollars expended.  Osteoporosis.  Think of the special vans, and the lift gates, and the ramps and the elevators, the special plumbing in homes and public buildings.  Special parking places, wheelchairs and walkers and canes.  Think of the beds and the chairs with little electric motors to lift you up when you can’t stand up by yourself.  Physical therapists, joint replacement surgery, pharmaceuticals, doctor’s visits.  We’re talking billions and billions of dollars for nothing more than a calcium deficiency disease.  Now as horrible a disease as Osteoporosis is, in human beings, we don’t have Osteoporosis in animals because we don’t have Blue Cross, Blue Shield, major medical hospitalization, Medicare and Medicaid to pay for non-essential surgical treatments for mineral deficiency, we’ve learned that by putting animals who are weaned off their mother’s milk onto 10 cents of calcium as soon as they are weaned, they won’t get arthritis or Osteoporosis.  It’s amazing how that works. 

  • Receding gums:

Dentists and dental hygienists will tell you to floss and brush after every meal.  If you believe that works I have some ocean-front property in Montana to sell you.  If you have receding gums or periodontitis, gingivitis, pyorrhea, loose teeth, bridges and plates, you have Osteoporosis in the facial bones and jaw bones.  We don’t get receding gums in animals even though they don’t floss or brush, and that’s because we have cured the Osteoporosis problem in animals. 

·        Arthritis:

85% of all arthritis is called wear and tear arthritis.  Osteo arthritis, degenerative arthritis, ankleospinalitis(?).  These things are nothing more than Osteoporosis of the joint ends of the bones. 

·        Hypertension/High Blood Pressure:

As you learned, has nothing to do with salt, or salt restriction.  85% of hypertension not related to kidney disease, which is most of them, not related to kidney disease, is, in fact, a calcium deficiency. 

·        Insomnia:

Is not a deficiency of sleeping pills, halcyon or barbiturates, it’s a deficiency of calcium.

·        Kidney stones/bone spurs/heel spurs/calcium deposits:

Again, the medical profession has the malignant dumb belief that these things are due to too much calcium in your diet, try to give up calcium.  When, in fact, you only get kidney stones/bone spurs/heel spurs and calcium deposits when you have raging osteoporosis.  You actually need more calcium, more magnesium, not less. 

·        Cramps and twitches:

You have a calcium deficiency.

·        PMS:

The University of California, San Diego, 8 years ago now, came out and said that 85% o the emotional and physical stuff of PMS can be relieved, eliminated and cured by taking 3 times the RDA of calcium.

·        Low back pain:

Has nothing to do with disk problems.  I know you have heard of people, maybe even yourself who have had disk surgery for back pain, and after the surgery still had the pain, maybe even worse.  Because back pain is not caused by disk problems.  If you have a disk problem, you can have numbness and tingling, maybe even paralysis if it’s very severe, but disk problems do not cause pain.  If you have low back pain, the odds are you have cramps and spasms in the large muscle group, inside and outside your lower back.  These can sublexate(?), or hit the line in your vertebrae and be uncomfortable, cause a lot of pain.  You also have bone spurs, calcium deposits, arthritis, osteoporosis.  These are the things that cause low back pain.  Now you’re educated, you’re never going to say “Doc, you’re the doctor”, because you’ve gone through this lecture tonight, and unfortunately most Americans have not heard this lecture yet, and as a result, they will spend between $25,000 and $250,000 and voluntarily undergo 5 to 10 surgical procedures for nothing more than the top ten calcium deficiencies.  In any other industry that would be fraud and they would be shut down.  Something you can fix for 25 cents and you walk out with a $5,000 bill, you would be ticked off.  You would want to talk to the manager.  You would want your money back.  You would call the Better Business Bureau.  You would call the State Attorney General.  You’d complain.  Class action suit.  It would be a big mess.  But the medical profession, everybody just runs to the government and says we need more money to pay for it.  Kind of fascinating. 



Blindness of all kinds.  Kidney failure, kidney transplant, kidney dialysis.  Contributes to the numbers of cardiovascular disease, the number 1 killer.  Amputations of toes, feet and legs.  If you let them amputate toes, feet and legs, actually, you can save your toes, feet and legs.  It takes 4 to 6 months of intensive work, but you can do it.  But if you allow them to amputate a toe, foot or leg you do want, of course, to put a tag on it so they get the right one.

Now your doctor, when he diagnoses a new diabetic, he gets very excited.  And he will drop to his knees and give thanks to the Lord, and then he will jump up and call his real estate agent, cause he knows over 20,30,40 years, if you are a diabetic, you’re going to go through all these problems – blindness, kidney failure, cardiovascular disease, and the need for amputations.  And as a result, you are worth to him $250,000 to $500,000.  Just like adding another cow to the dairy herd.  Now to me this is criminal, cause we learned in 1957 in animals that we could cure adult onset diabetes with two trace minerals, chromium and vanadium. 

Just 12 years ago, 1985, the medical school at the University of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, came out and said the trace mineral vanadium alone could replace insulin in adult onset diabetics.  Science Diet dog food has 40 minerals in it.  Always has chromium, vanadium, lithium and selenium.  Ralston Purina rat pellets has 28 minerals, and always has chromium, vanadium, lithium and selenium.  I will give anybody in this room a crisp new $100 bill if they can find me a human infant formula off the shelf of a grocery story that has more than 12 minerals in it.  None of them contain chromium, vanadium, lithium, and only two, Pro Soy and Enfamil, has 12, cause they put in the selenium.  The rest don’t.  They have 11, 10, 9, or 8 minerals.  Our dogs get 40 minerals, our rats get 28, and our kids get 12 or less.  You don’t have to be a research scientist to realize why our kids are now getting all these horrible diseases that used to occur in people who were 60, 70 or 80.  All these diseases that doctors are wondering “Is this genetic? These kids shouldn’t have this till they are 60”.  Well that’s because they couldn’t get it out of their little can of stuff.  If it’s not in the can, they don’t get it.   



There’s 3 types of minerals that you have to concern yourself with, and I talk about minerals instead of vitamins because two thirds of the essential nutrients, 60 out of 90, are minerals.  Everybody knows everything there is to know about vitamins, and so we are talking about minerals today.

First of all, there’s metallic minerals.  These are things like oyster shell, egg shell, limestone, coral calcium, sea bed minerals, clays of various types, Tums is a popular one with doctors, lactates, gluconates, citrates, oxides, sulfates, carbonates.  These are nothing but ground up rocks.  Animals and human beings are only able to get 8 to 12% of these minerals.  We are not designed to eat ground up rocks as a source of minerals.  When you hit 40 or 50 years of age, have you ever wondered why people suddenly fall apart when they hit the big 50.  People dread turning 50 for that reason.  The back goes, their teeth get loose, whatever hair you’ve got left is gray, no interest in sex.  You just kind of fall apart.  That’s because your ability to absorb these elemental minerals drop precipitously to 3 - 5%. 

Now, about 4 years ago in Grand Rapids, Mich., a guy jumps up in the back of the room and says “Hey, Doc, now I know what I see in my port-a-potty business.  I said “What on earth do you see in your port-a-potty business?”  He said, “Well, when we clean those things out and disinfect them to reuse them, we find hundreds and hundreds of vitamins that come through people”.  I said, “Come on, how do you know they are vitamin pills?  They could be anything.”  He said “Oh that’s easy, Doc, on the coating they say Theragram M, One-a-Day, Centrum and Centrum Silver.”

Now a lot of my patients say, “Look, Doc, I have been taking 2000mg calcium everyday for 20 years, cause I knew it was good for me, yet I still have hypertension, insomnia, loose teeth, receding gums, low back problems, bone spurs, kidney stones, arthritis, osteoporosis, all the stuff you say I shouldn’t have.  I’ve been taking 2000mg calcium everyday”.  I said “Well what kind do you take?”  He said “I take calcium gluconate, calcium citrate, calcium lactate, oyster shell, eggshell, I take things like Tums.”  I said “Well, there’s your problem.  If you take 1000mg calcium lactate, for example, you’re not getting 1000mg of calcium, cause 86%, 860mg is lactose, or milk sugar.  Only 14%, or 140mg is metallic or elemental calcium, and let’s use 10% for usability factors, a fair number, plus it’s easy math, 10% of 140mg is 14.  So if you take 2 of those calcium lactate tablets, each 1000mg, you’re not getting 2,000mg of calcium, you’re getting 2 times 14, or 28 mg.  To get 2000mg of calcium from these 1000mg calcium lactate tablets, you would have to take 30 of those with each meal.  Almost a full 100 tablet bottle of these calcium lactate tablets a day.  And of course, at $5 a bottle for the cheapest one, you’re looking at $150 per month just for calcium.  You’ve 59 more minerals to go, 16 vitamins, 12 essential amino acids, 3 essential fatty acids, so this is not an economical way to get your nutrients as elemental minerals.  Also, if you took in 90 tablets of anything a day, you’re going to develop what we call B&F disease.  B&F disease stands for belching and farting.  You’re going to sound like an elephant out in the woods with a horrible gastro-intestinal problem.  And of course you know you have B&F disease when your spouse has to throw a canary in the bathroom to know if it is safe to go in there.

Now during the 60’s the animal industry came up with what we call chelated minerals.  That’s because farmers are not dumb enough to put a dollar in an animals mouth and have $.99 come out in the manure.  And so we learned that by adding amino acids, proteins or enzymes to the elemental mineral, it increases absorbability tenfold, from 3-5% to 40%, and everybody got excited about chelated minerals during the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.  And if you look at the good multi-vitamin-mineral tablets today, you will see a mixture of  elemental and chelated minerals. 

But the way that animals and people are designed to consume and absorb minerals is in the plant-derived colloidal mineral form.  We are not designed to eat ground up rocks.  Nobody can show you where humans or animals are designed to eat ground up rocks.  We’re designed to get our minerals by eating plants, grains, vegetables, fruits and nuts, and as a result, plant-derived colloidal minerals are 98% absorbable.  Two and a half times more absorbable than chelated, ten times or more absorbable than the elemental or metallic minerals. 

Plant-derived colloidal minerals are liquid.  They are a very small particle size, 7,000 times smaller than red blood cells.  This is the way they are stored in your cells and are moved around in plant vascular systems and human vascular systems, in the liquid plant-derived colloidal form.  They are negatively charged.  I don’t know all of the physics and the chemistry.  It is one of the basic features of a colloidal mineral, it is negatively charged.

These three factors together give you the 98% absorbability.  Now the way it’s supposed to be is our food plants, our grains, vegetables, fruits and nuts take the elemental or metallic minerals out of the soil, convert them to colloidal minerals for their own use, for their own metabolism and bio-chemistry, and then animals and people eat these plants that are enriched with minerals.  That is how we are designed to get our minerals.  Unfortunately, we have several problems here. 

Number one, U.S. Senate Document #264 in 1936 says there is no longer any nutritional minerals left in our farm and rain soil.  For 100 years we have used a simple fertilizer known as NPK.  We put in 3 nutrients into the soil when we need 60 minerals.  We put those 3 nutrients into the soil for maximum yields per ton and bushel per acre.  Now then, we have to understand that plants cannot manufacture minerals.  If they’re not in the soil, they’re not in the plant.  Plants only have minerals in them if they’re in the soil. Plants cannot manufacture minerals. 

Fourthly, minerals do not occur in a uniform blanket around the crust of the earth, minerals occur in veins, kind of like chocolate ripple ice cream..  Also, I guess perhaps the biggest thing that has made America the most minerally deficient country in the world, is that whenever somebody would find a nifty little article in a newspaper or magazine on a mineral or vitamin, they would take it to the doctor and the doctor would poo-poo it and say “You don’t want to spend money on vitamins and minerals.  You can get everything you need from your four food groups.”  For fifty years physicians have been taking away the interest from the general public by making them feel foolish.  “You can get everything you need from your four food groups!  Why would you waste your money on those quacks?  If you need a heart transplant for $750,000, I’ll do it.  Why take a mineral to prevent it?”

Well, the last question you have to ask yourself is, what about those cultures that are written up the National Geographic, January, 1973.  Those 10 cultures that live to be 120, 140?  Are they all genetically related?  And the answer is, no.  They included certain tribes of Tibetans from the Himalayan Mountains.  The Hunzas from Eastern Pakistan and the Karakoram Mountains.  The Russian Georgians, Azerbaijani, Turkestanians and Armenians from the Caucasus Mountains in Western Russia, the Vilcabamba Indians from the Andes of Ecuador, my favorites, I just love the name, the Titicacas, and they’ve picked places accidentally, certainly they weren’t knowledgeable of this, just out of a throw of the dice, they picked places that had 60 to 72 minerals in the parent rock of the mountains they chose to live in.

There’s dozens and dozens of cultures who live at the same elevation in mountains, but they only 3 or 5 or 10 or 12 minerals in the parent rocks they live in, and so they only live to be 75.5 like us.  That’s the number one thing, 60-72 minerals in the parent rocks they live in.  Secondly, they all picked places that had less than 2 inches precipitation a year.  No snow, no rain to speak of, and as a result they had to pick places that were in easy reach of permanent water, they all picked places within 50 miles of glaciers, and they built aqueducts to carry water to the valleys they lived in.  Now water that comes out from underneath glaciers is not clear like Perrier or Evian water, the water that comes out from under glaciers is cloudy.  It has lots of minerals in it, it’s called glacial milk because it looks like milk.  It’s either white, or grayish white, or grayish blue cause it has a lot of minerals suspended in it.  As these glaciers move up and down the mountains during the various parts of the seasons, they grind up literally tens of thousands of tons of these rocks and the rock dust or rock flour comes out in this glacial milk.  Now you boil away a quart of glacial milk you get two inches of minerals in that quart jug.  If you boil away a quart of Perrier water, at 20 bucks a gallon, you are going to get as much minerals as you get on the head of a pin.  A huge disparity.  There can be nobody more disappointed than the baby boomers when they hit 50, 60, 70 years of age and they get all this arthritis and say “Well, I don’t know how that happened, I’ve been drinking Perrier my whole life.”  And so they are going to be disappointed. 

Now not only do these cultures drink this water, this glacial milk, and get 8-12% and then 3-5% when they’re 40-50 years of age, cause it’s nothing more than ground up rock, metallic minerals.  More importantly, in drinking the glacial milk, week after week, month after month, year after year, generation after generation for 2500 to 5000 years, depending on the culture, they irrigated with this glacial milk.  And they returned literally tens of thousands of tons of these minerals, this rock dust, this rock flour, back into the soil.  Their grains, fruits, vegetables and nuts took this elemental mineral out of the soil, converted to colloidal minerals and the food that they eat are rich with these colloidal minerals.  All we put in is NPK, NPK, NPK.  As a result, they don’t get, in their early ages, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, they don’t get heart disease, diabetes, cancer, arthritis, osteoporosis, cataracts, Alzheimer’s Disease, they don’t have birth defects, they don’t have jails full of violent criminals and drug addicts, they don’t have hospitals, they don’t have health insurance.  My God, how could you live there?  They don’t have health insurance!  But they live healthily to be 120, 140 because they have the raw materials to maintain and repair their body.

This is Dr. Wallach with a final message.  Information gives you the ability to make decisions with confidence.  I hope you’ve enjoyed my message.  By giving your body the proper raw materials everyday, you’ll be taking the necessary steps in living healthier, and living longer.  Make the decision to take control of your personal health and longevity program, today.  Colloidal minerals are not like antibiotics.  You don’t get a prescription which you use for 10 days, and then you’re done.  Your prescription for colloidal minerals should only expire when your need for oxygen expires.  You need to supplement your diet with the 90 essential nutrients, each and every day of your life.  Millions of people have heard my message all across the world and have now decided to make the consumption of colloidal minerals a daily ritual.  Just as there are many manufacturers of aspirin, there are now many manufacturers of vitamins and mineral supplements.  Be sure to get your liquid colloidal minerals derived only from the very best organic plant source deposits.  Colloidal minerals are the mineral source our bodies were designed to use, not ground up rocks.  Since you will most likely need supplementing your diet everyday, don’t get caught paying retail prices.  My Daddy always said, “Why pay retail, when you can buy wholesale”.  One of my trusted colleagues will show you how to purchase the highest quality products wholesale, you can save gobs of money off the retail price each year.

Live long and prosper.


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