is very very proud to present:

a Do-it-yourself!

Magical, Mystery Tour


Ever thought of taking a trip to Britain?
Isn't it time you visited the land of Castles, Shakespeare,
Queens and Kings, Knights in shining armour, Lords and Ladies?

From StoneAge to King Arthur and Merlin...,
from Chivalry and Richard the Lionheart to Queen Elizabeth,
let me help you plan a vacation through Time you will never forget.

Take the photo trip now with the click of your mouse!

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Kingmaker exclusively offers this marvellous, self-help, do-it-yourself kit so
you may plan your own holiday of a lifetime.  See the best of
This kit includes a CD and 300+ pages of the most beautiful color photo quality
guide to be found anywhere in the world.
Even if you don't want to go to Britain (just yet or ever), this guide is a reference manuscript
worthy of any library shelf, and not to be found anywhere else.
With information sections so comprehensive it will stagger you, it is a
priceless possession that everyone should have:  

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  • Picture Guide on glossy photo paper for all the sites
  • Photo-writeups on Sacred, Megalithic & Ancient Celtic Sites
  • Photo-writeups on Castles, Cathedrals, Abbeys, Historic Sites, and Stately Homes
  • Hotels (mostly 3 star) complete with maps and contacts
  • Itineraries, both a driver-route version and a master which includes routes, timing, miles, and speed recommended for each day of the 16 and 18 day plan
  • Tide Table sample for Holy Island (Lindisfarne Castle & Priory)
  • Printing Guide (if you wanted to print your own manual)
  • Useful Tips from one who lived there
  • Deviation Itinerary and tips for Ireland and Scotland
  • and even detailed color MAPS to each site.

Spiral-bound, laminated covers, 2-sided photo quality glossy paper for Picture Guide,
28lb. double-coated paper for writeups and itinerary,
complete with CD which has everything..., this is the offering of a lifetime.

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The CD includes offline web pages to view through your browser, plus the
printable files for you to print your own manual.  (Keep in mind that
the printed manual offered by Kingmaker is of superior quality and texture,
a real collector's item).

It's all planned out for you in advance, hour by hour, day by day.
All the information is there to pick and choose as you will.

This is a magnificent product, guaranteed to please anyone.  And if you really
do want to go, it is something you cannot live without, truly.

Many of the sites are ones you could never find on any packaged tour.  And
it includes a wonderful cross-section of all the wonders that are 'Britain'.

(The author lived in Britain for 12 years, playing tourist every available moment.
This tour represents the very best sites found, after combing the country
with great enthusiasm for the Land of Britain.)

This could be the adventure of your life!

The following 'peek' at the contents will give you a taste of the incredible
things to expect:

It is an experience that will change your life.... So come with me now,
and step through the treasures to see.

Come and see...

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