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 Facts About Glucose Metabolism

Our foods have been depleted of many of the nutrients we need each day. On top of that, according to research, the average American consumes roughly 150 pounds of sugar each year. Our bodies are not equipped to handle such a huge load of sugar, and without the necessary nutrients in your food, you don't have all the raw materials you need to break down these sugars.

When you add to this the over-processing of our foods we have a real challenge. For example, the wheat used for all baked goods is digested by the body with the help of the mineral chromium. Unfortunately though, by processing wheat into flour, much of the chromium found in wheat is removed.

Although mother nature intended for the wheat to be consumed with the chromium, so that it could easily be metabolized by the body, in our zeal to make white flour we refine the wheat to a point where we've altered it's composition and can no longer break it down properly. The result of this poor diet can contribute to obesity, hypoglycemia and diabetes.

Certain nutrients have been shown to assist in glucose metabolism. These nutrients include aspartic acid, chromium and vanadium.

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Slender Fx™ Sweet Eze™ contains chromium, vanadium and supportive herbs to nutritionally assist the body with the regulation of blood sugar levels.*

 SUGGESTED USE: Take 1 capsule with each meal, or as directed by your healthcare professional.

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