for bones and joints 

Beyond Osteo FX 
Formulated to support healthy bones and joints -Boost bone health naturally

          A Highly Bio-Available Liquid Calcium Complex 
May help: 


Low back pain



high blood pressure

bone spurs

Much, much more...

Read what Dr. Wallach has to say about calcium...

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BEYOND Osteo FX - 32 ozs
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Calcium is one of the most important nutrients your body needs. Unfortunately, many people believe that taking calcium enriched antacid tablets or other related products will give them all the calcium they need. For calcium to be efficiently absorbed by your body, it needs other mineral co-factors. Majestic Earth Beyond Osteo FX was developed with this in mind. Beyond Osteo FX is a highly bio-available liquid concentrate because it contains the necessary vitamins and minerals (the co-factors) necessary to help you absorb the calcium. You get more than 100% of your Daily Value (RDA) from just one ounce of Majestic Earth Beyond Osteo FX. Regular exercise and a healthy diet with enough calcium help teens and adults maintain good bone health and may reduce their risk of osteoporosis later in life.

Dr. Joel D. Wallach, B.S., D.V.M., N.D.




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Beyond Osteo-fx Powder was formulated to support optimal bone and joint health containing nutrients that enhance calcium absorption by the body, in an easy to consume powder form. 357g Canister
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The arthritis sufferer's gold!

Each quart of Majestic Earth® Ultimate Beyond Osteo-Fx™ contains Majestic Earth® Plant Derived Minerals™. These minerals come from a unique source in Southern Utah. They are leached from humic shale with purified water only. The balance of Majestic Earth® Ultimate Beyond Osteo-Fx™ contains vitamins, major minerals and other beneficial nutrients.

Majestic Earth® Ultimate Beyond Osteo-Fx™ was formulated to support healthy bones and joints. With today’s fast-paced lifestyles, it is becoming increasingly difficult to get enough nutrients in our diets. For many people, Majestic Earth® Ultimate Beyond Osteo-Fx™ fills the gap! Youngevity® is proud to include Majestic Earth® Ultimate Beyond Osteo-Fx™ in our popular line of Majestic Earth® products. Note Majestic Earth® Ultimate Beyond Osteo-Fx™ is great when mixed with Ultimate Nature’s Whey™ Chocolate and Vanilla shake.

Calcium citrate and phosphate complex (CCPC), is a mixture of calcium combined primarily with citric acid and Calcium phosphate. These organic Calciums are involved in key energy producing pathways in the body. Fight bone loss with Osteo-fx, a perfectly balanced all-natural blend of minerals and mineral cofactors, that are essential for bone health. This potent formula includes key ingredients for muscles, tendons and muscular organs.


Dead Doctors Don't Lie!


Read what Dr. Wallach has to say about arthritis and how to take control!

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