from her own point of view:

Things I particularly like:

-the morning end of the day
-to smell Jello dissolving
-Mozart's music
-big malls, little malls...
-sharp, new pencils
-Queen Anne furniture
-soppy love stories
-fine point pens
-going swimming
-pretty jewelry boxes
-most things Southern
-red American Beauty roses
-kids' laughter
-cigar smoke
-Chanel No. 5
-taking short naps


-drawer sachets
-Waterford crystal
-to kiss a baby's foot
-almost all cats
-wrapping presents
-hostorical places
-David Suchet as Poirot
-music from the 40's
-the lower Rocky Mountains
-rainy air
-Oriental rugs
-Christmas trees
-praising the Lord in song
-pretty stationary







-good books
-reading good books to kids
-Collie dogs
-movies about the "mob"
-Orca whales - any whales
-the Gators
-UF, my alma mater
-Jack Hayford's music
-Chronicles of Narnia
-new shoes
-new toothbrush
-working crossword puzzles
-real Coke (ie. Classic)
-Royal Daulton figurines
-most shades of pink, mauve, fucia
-sewing counted crossstitch
-looking at R.V.'s
-making lists!!

Things I do not like:

-Seminoles (FSU type)
-Country-Western music
(which includes her sister!)
-Heavy metal rock music
-Dogs - except Collies
-Ford products
-Musk perfumes


-Leftist, pinko liberals (incl. her sister!)
-dirty children
-body piercing
-hard liquor
-licorice flavor
-long hair on men (even handsome Scotsmen like the Highlander?)
-people who don't make lists!!

(opinionated, isn't she?) (ha!)(like us all...)

(thus speaks the school teacher vs. the Hippie [me...])

 From thin to fat to thin again (now), from brown to blonde to brown again (now), from loving mother and wife to stern school disciplinarian then back to loving wife again and grandmother (now), she has been different things to different people, some good..., some not.  What she has been best is an interesting and many faceted human being who has contributed along life's way.

And THAT matters!

What I mean to say, is that in the long view of her life, she has been a lot of different things, as well as different people from time to time... a darling and a devil, a daring and a dear heart.

But she has made a difference to a lot of children everywhere, especially her own.  And not only to children!  She can be proud when she faces her Maker (in the FAR FAR FUTURE), because she has done the job she was supposed to do with her life, to the best of her ability.  And that is all that could be asked of anyone.

By helping just one along life's way, means you can make a difference.  And she has...

Thanks, Sis, from all of us!
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