from a Sister's point of view:

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Meet Linda, my sister.

I thought she looked exactly
like Susan Hayward,
a very beautiful movie star.

And oh what a figure
 to match that face,
....back then.


I envied her that..., back then...
but TIME makes one forget
about movie stars,
and all of those
unimportant things. 

She sings like an angel straight out of Heaven.  She's brought a lot of people a lot of pleasure with her incredibly beautiful voice over the years.  (We used to sing duets in church when we were young, but I was always sorry I was up there with her to pollute her pure and beautiful tones).  But she's not the only singer in her family...



 Now meet
beautiful Suzanne..., her daughter, 
who is sweetness itself.  She's
got a voice that is the only
competition for Linda's that
I have ever encountered.  She even writes
her own music!  Sinfully talented...
 it shouldn't be allowed to congregate all in one family.
 Even worse, just one branch of a family!

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and dashing Murray,
her lovely, loving son.  He's a sweetheart, for sure.

Her two lovely children, 
Suzanne and Murray, 
are both parents themselves now.

Here's dutiful Dad, Bill.
He's been a wonderful husband to her 
and father to the kids and grandkids.



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She chose wisely...

They live  in a house
owned by two collie show-dogs who
allow them to live there
so they can feed and
pamper them!

She was a teacher, and a really good one!


Recently she retired from teaching, 
after twenty years.
Melrose Elementary was sad to see her go, 
as were her 'kids'.


But that was because she learned first how to be a great mother by being the daughter of our own Mom.  And she already had plenty of intellect to finish off the picture of the perfect teacher.

Mom adored her...

  Being firstborn, after losing hope for children, Mom thought the most wonderful thing in the world had happened, especially when she turned out looking like that!
You can see by looking why she was "Mama's little darling".

But aging happens, will we, nil we.  It doesn't care how beautiful or talented we are.

She had open-heart surgery very recently after two heart attacks.  Such a terrible operation that is!  We are so blessed to still have her, for she was told she would not have lived two more months!

But now, the future looks bright for the Rice family.  Looks like she will be around a long, long time.  All I can say is "thank you, God".

And if I never said it before, well, thanks, Sis, for all the things you have done for me over a lifetime.


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