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Martha S. Heney

About Homeopathy for home use

Homeopathy is a system of medicine which may be used very safely and effectively in self-prescribing for the treatment of accidents and minor ailments. Because many homeopathic remedies have a vast range of applications, it may be confusing to go into a shop and find some containers labelled for specific ailments, such as headache or indigestion; for example, Carbo Veg can be given to alleviate flatulent bloating or nausea, but it can also be used in an emergency situation where there is collapse and difficulty in breathing. For best results, match the remedy to a group of symptoms, as short cuts may lead to disappointment. In some situations, however, remedies will work when chosen on one leading symptom only, such as Arnica for bruising. But labelling in general must be discounted as the only symptom.

Although there are no conventional side effects, thereby rendering it safe, accidental 'provings' are possible. If homeopathic remedies are taken unwisely and repeated when no longer required, the symptoms for which the remedy was originally taken may return.

Remedies are made from substances obtained mostly from plants and minerals, but some are from the animal kingdom, including some poisons. The system is based on the Law of Similars: Like Cures Like. It is also based on the idea of "Minimum Dose". By the end of the process to make homeopathic remedies, there is hardly a single grain of the original substance on which it is based. That accounts for its safety.

You should always begin treatment with the smallest dose, 6x or 6c, for instance. Never start with 30x or 30c, unless specifically called for. Once you move up to 30, you cannot go backward to 6 or 12, nor should you move to a greater strength than 30 without the specific order of a homeopath. The 6x or 6c dose works just as well, most of the time, and can be taken more often to alleviate the symptom.

The following potency (strength) table may be used as a guide to self-prescribe remedies:


Minor Ailments: Acute: Very serious:
6x or 
1 dose twice daily for 7-10 days. Can be repeated after 2 weeks if necessary. 1 dose every 2-4 hours for 2 days. Reduce to 3 times daily for a further 3-5 days. 1 dose every 5-15 minutes for 6-8 doses or until relief is obtained.
30x or 30c 1 dose every 4 hours for 3 doses only. 1 dose every 15-30 minutes for 4-6 doses or until relief is obtained.
200 1 dose only. Repeat once more only if clearly indicated. 1 dose only - unless you are very clear it needs repeating!

The following table shows remedies that may react adversely to each other; avoid giving them in close proximity:

After giving:

Do not immediately give:

Calc Carb Bryonia, Sulphur
Cantharis Coffea
Caulophyllum Coffea
Causticum Cocculus, Coffea, Phosphorus
Chamomilla Nux Vomica
Coffea Arg Nit, Causticum, Cocculus, Ignatia
Dulcamara Belladonna, Lachesis
Ignatia Coffea, Tabacum
Kreosote Carbo Veg, China
Lachesis Dulcamara
Ledum China
Lycopodium Coffea
Merc Sol Silica
Nux Vomica Causticum, Tabacum
Nit Ac Lachesis, Natrum Mur
Phosphorus Apis, Causticum
Rhus Tox Apis
Sepia Bryonia, Lachesis
Silica Merc Sol



    • Pregnancy: Do not take Cocculus or Thuja throughout pregnancy, or Pulsatilla in the first 3 months. (This is the only case in which it is not safe for women to take homeopathy during pregnancy).
    • After surgery or implants: Do not take Silica (this can open up wounds).
    • History of tuberculosis: Do not use Phosphorus, Silica or Sulphur.

Rescue Remedy: one of the Bach Flower remedies, is good to have on hand for any emergency at all.

Homeopathy is a great tool for what is called "First Aid", meaning self-prescribing. It is safe and usually has no effect at all unless the right remedy is chosen, where it helps enormously. However, prolonged use of the wrong remedy, more than 3 days, may cause a false 'proving' of the use of that remedy. Discontinuing will make the false proving disappear.

For homeopathic treatment of long, chronic, deep-seated illness, only a trained homepath can prescribe what is called the "constitutional" remedy. This could result in cure, but requires the knowledge and training of a licensed professional.


I have personally found homeopathy to be the most wonderful miracle ever to enter my life. The instant relief I get from most ailments, though not usually permanent, helps to make life much easier than it could be. Pharmaceuticals, namely antibiotics, caused my Lupus, so I refuse to take them at all, ever again.

In my own experience, I have proved the words of my English Homeopath, to "take as needed... like Aspirin". Even better, since once cannot overdose at all on homeopathy, and it is safe, one can take it often and in rapid succession if the need is acute. (Make sure it is 6x or 6c, even 12x or 12c, that you take often, and not 30x or 30c. The stronger, the less frequently - 30x only twice a day, usually.) And even I can afford it, for it is cheap.

For example, I get terrible sinus headaches. I have found the 'miracle' combination for me, but if I don't catch it at first onset, I must take the whole packet again about 3 times in an hour to give it the jolt it needs. But then I can leave off, because the headache is gone. (See the 'headache' section of the database, marked in red.) That combination alone makes the system worth its weight in gold for me.

For flu or the common cold, there is nothing that does as much good to relieve the symptoms. For bladder infection/cystitis, one Sulphur 30 once does the trick! Being allergic to everything, I couldn't survive without Apis. It literally saved my life from a wasp sting. There are so many 'miracles', I can't begin to explain. Just try it. BUT GIVE UP COFFEE! Not the caffeine, but the acid. You can have Coke or tea. But coffee is the ultimate antidote. However, when you start finding your 'miracles', you will consider it well worth it.

The secret of learning to take it, is not only to 'take as needed', but you would be wise not to take anything more than 3 straight days running. Then you could break for a week and resume for 3 more days. But continued use could cause 'provings' of other symptoms. So use common sense. If taken for 3 days, the effects usually last more than a week anyway. So "take as needed"!

And if you want to really do it right, consult with your Homeopath.

Love and Light,

Martha S. Heney

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