The latest Brunswick Lab ORAC tests are in on our actual production samples and they report a whopping 101,000 per liter of COCOGEVITY!

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Youngevity’s® Cocogevity™ is a proprietary blend of exotic ingredients and luscious fruits from around the world.Cocogevity™ contains Cocogen Extract which is used to make high quality, great tasting chocolate. Rich, dark chocolate is known to contain many healthful nutrients including Antioxidants and beneficial Phytonutrients. Velvety deep chocolate, recognized as the “Food of the Gods”, is known to be higher in Antioxidant content than any other food and is revered worldwide for its ability to support Optimal Health and Wellness.

Cocogevity™ also contains a very unique blend of whole fruit pulp and whole food juice extracts of Mangosteen, Goji/Wolfberry and Açai Berry. These whole foods are among the most highly sought after fruit juices in the world! Enjoy the superior taste of this highly bio-available, truly healthful, and delectably delicious exciting new concentrate!

From: Dr. Schrauzer PhD (Chairman of the Youngevity Scientific Advisory Board)

“I tried CocoGevity today and found it Fantastic. Had to Have seconds… Felt Antioxidants doing their food work….. Its taste is Perfect, Not sickly sweet as Chocolate Drinks Normally are…. May be a product people will want to drink in the Morning instead of Coffee (I will). Congratulations!”

Dr. Schrauzer

Dr. Joel D. Wallach, B.S., D.V.M., N.D.


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