A physician with a caring heart?

And one who can actually cure you?

Let me direct you to the 'guru' of
Alternative Medicine
in Central Florida.
(In fact, he's worth the trip from anywhere!)
He's worlds ahead of almost all other alternative practitioners!
He's the one that teaches the others how.

Speaking from personal experience,
I can assure you this man
knows how to help.
(He cured my
87-yr old Mom of a stroke!
And he can do so-o-o much more!)

Don't wait to feel better, call today:

Alvan W. Barber, MD
(407) 898-9081 / 302-5411

Integrated Holistic Wellness Center
of Orlando/Sanford
(two locations):
223 E. Winter Park St.        901 E. Second St.
Orlando, FL  32804            Sanford, FL  32771

Anti-ageing & longevity programs
Nutritional Medicine
Hormone Replacement
Functional Medicine
Allergy Elimination

You won't take long to realize it is the best
favor you could ever do your health!
I even drive 3 hours to see him,
because he is THAT good!

KINGMAKER recommends this caring, incredibly knowledgeable man
very highly indeed.


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