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acid reflux APPLES (before bed)
acne Omega3-EPA/DHA potassium zinc
age/liver spots Selenium
allergies - all Omega3-EPA/DHA
alzheimers cinnamon coconut oil
anemia cobalt iron zinc
   anemia copper nickel Selenium
   anemia biotin folic acid bananas
arteries, Aneurysms      Selenium copper
arteries, blocked L-Arginine soy tsp. Vinegar
   arteries, blocked Walnuts olive oil
auto-immune Selenium Omega3-EPA/DHA
bacteria/fungus/virus vinegar chlorine bleach-external honey/propalis
   bacteria/fungus/virus colloidal silver sodium tea tree oil - external only
   bacteria/fungus/virus antimony
baldness aloe vera gel -external tin - internal Omega3-EPA/DHA
   baldness biotin samarium silica
   baldness copper zinc iodine
bipolar Lithium! Omega3-EPA/DHA
bites aloe tea tree oil clove oil
   bites, mosquito rub inside banana peel on
blood pressure-high vitamin C magnesium glycinate calcium phosphate/citrate
   blood pressure-high probiotics garlic bananas
blood pressure-low magnesium glycinate potassium sodium
bones & joints/arthritis calcium phospate/citrate magnesium vitamin A & D
   bones & joints/arthritis bioflavonoid quercetin gelatin manganese
   bones & joints/arthritis glucosomine chondroitin gold
   bones & joints/arthritis boron MSM silica
   bones & joints/arthritis copper
brain CoQ10(ubiquinol) Omega3-EPA/DHA vitamin B
   brain Selenium luteolin resveratrol
   brain bananas
brain-holes quit pharmaceuticals! Selenium Omega3-EPA/DHA
brain-stroke Selenium Taurine Omega3-EPA/DHA
   brain-stroke copper magnesium manganese
   brain-stroke arginine carnitine calcium 
   brain-stroke bananas
brain-dementia/Alzheimers Omega3-EPA/DHA Selenium Lion's Mane mushrooms
   brain-dementia/Alzheimers vit. B-12 vit. C VIT. E
   brain-dementia/Alzheimers luteolin cava ecklonia bioflavonoid quercetin
brain-memory Omega3-EPA/DHA Ginkgo Biloba Selenium
   brain-memory luteolin iodine
   brain-memory sodium licorice root extract zinc
burns aloe nettle gel Noxema
cancer* strawberries SELENIUM vit. E
   cancer* wormwood* cloves* black walnut tincture*
   cancer* bioflavonoid quercetin Cure for ALL cancers*
   cancer* vanadium germanium cesium
   cancer* samarium magnesium flavanoid resveratrol
   cancer* vitamin C Lemons CoQ10
   cancer* vitamin D vitamin A
candida cinnamon
cataracts CoQ10(ubiquinol) Vit. C glutathione
   cataracts selenium
CDIFF acidophilus L-casei saccharomyces boulardii
   CDIFF (probiotic enzymes)
cholesterol strawberries apple peel Omega3-EPA/DHA
   cholesterol vitamin B vanadium chromium
   cholesterol soy brown seaweed tocotrienol (Palm vit. E)
   cholesterol bioflavonoid quercetin
   cholesterol iodine copper manganese
   cholesterol potassium quit statins! tocotrienol
chronic fatigue ribose (sugar) thiamine folic acid
   chronic fatigue chromium copper iodine
   chronic fatigue phosphorus potassium selenium
   chronic fatigue iron biotin zinc
constipation iron - (half the population) magnesium citrate arrowroot-fennel Aloe
   constipation mineral oil iodine potassium
   constipation bananas
COPD selenium manganese zinc
   COPD trace minerals
depression bananas Lactobacillus rhamnosus St. John's Wort
detox chlorella-blue-green algae citrus pectin
diabetes-Type1 cayenne pepper maple syrup
diabetes-Type 2 stop toxic diet chromium vanadium
   diabetes-Type 2 cinnamon magnesium bioflavonoid quercetin
   diabetes-Type 2 thiamine maple syrup
   diabetes-Type 2 thyroid hormone taurine zinc
diarrhea aloe magnesium glycinate calcium citrate
   diarrhea Omega3-EPA/DHA zinc copper
digestion aloe Probiotics acidophilus
   digestion thiamine
dizziness/vertigo Oscillococcinum DHEA magnesium glycinate
   dizziness/vertigo calcium(200mg)-DocEd vitamin D(1000iu)-DocEd
   dizziness/vertigo iron manganese sodium
ears - hearing loss hydrogen peroxide in ear manganese samarium
ears- Tinnitus (ringing) manganese
earache colloidal silver in ear
eczema chlorine bleach - 1/8 cup to a half-full bathtub shea butter
   eczema primrose oil
energy CoQ10(ubiquinol) vitamin A sodium
   energy theanine DMAE quercetin
   energy goji caffeine vit. B6
   energy germanium magnesium phosphorus
   energy zinc folic acid iron
   energy ribose tyrosine taurine
   energy bananas
erectile disfunction L-Arginine L-citrulline glutamine
eyes  colloidal silver in eyes flavanoid Resveratrol lutein
eyes-floaters phosphorus colloidal silver
eyes-night blindness vit.A
eyes-macular degeneration vit.A, vit. C, vit. E lutein zinc
   eyes-macular degeneration curcumin quercetin curry
   eyes-macular degeneration bilberry grape seed extract Green tea
   eyes-macular degeneration copper bioflavonoid-epicatechin EGGS
fibromyalgia ribose (sugar) Omega3-EPA/DHA
flatulence sodium
fungus (external) oregano oil Compound W (wart cure) chlorine bleach
     fungus (external) lavender oil colloidal silver
gall bladder/stones Omega3-EPA/DHA yam cell salts (mag. phos.)
gout quit fructose! reduce protein avoid:  beer, mushrooms
   gout avoid:  soft drinks avoid: asparagus and legumes
   gout avoid: cauliflower
gray hair copper
gums probiotic bacteria
hangovers bananas
headaches iron   sodium folic acid
   headaches magnesium
heart Omega3-EPA/DHA SELENIUM magnesium glycinate
   heart vitamin B-12 & 6 flavanoid resveratrol green tea
   heart seaweed CoQ10 ribose
   heart potassium taurine cysteine
   heart carnitine nattokinase niacin
   heart tocotrienol (Palm vit. E) bioflavonoid quercetin vitamin C
   heart folic acid garlic ginko leaf
   heart hawthorne berry LoSalt vitamin E
heartburn bananas
Hernias Copper
Hiatal & umbilical hernia Zinc
hands-carpel tunnel synd. Armour Thyroid manganese kelp
hot flashes calcium phospate/citrate boron
indigestion lemon juice HCI tabs (hydrocloric acid) bicarbonate of soda
   indigestion PROBIOTICS bioflavonoid quercetin bananas
inflammation aloe colloidal silver green tea
   inflammation bioflavonoid quercetin
insomnia calcium phospate/citrate magnesium glycinate biotin
   insomnia folic acid iodine potassium
kidney congestion L-Arginine calcium phosphate/citrate Omega3-EPA/DHA
   kidney congestion thiamine bilberry tea
kidney/bladder cranberry juice watermelon tea
    kidney/bladder potassium homeopathic Sulfur 30x cinnamon
kidney stones calcium phospate/citrate potassium Omega3-EPA/DHA
leg pain Omega3-EPA/DHA vitamin A L-arginine
   leg pain L-glutamine magnesium zinc
   leg pain taurine chromium
liver Omega3-EPA/DHA Selenium copper
   liver aloe pollen glutathione yeast extract
lungs apples magnesium manganese
   lungs selenium copper potassium
lungs - shortness of breath phosphorus
Lupus Omega3-EPA/DHA sulphur
MRSA* internal wormwood* cloves* black walnut tincture*
   MRSA* external nostrils-tea tree oil chlorine bleach-external Hulda Clark recipe*
muscles apple peel
nail infection/fungus oregano oil Compound W (wart cure) chlorine bleach
     nail infection/fungus lavender oil colloidal silver
nausea & vomiting sodium popcorn! bread/crackers
   nausea & vomiting bananas
nerves bananas chamomile tea
pain aloe chamomile (tea or cream)
PMS bananas
prostate enlarged zinc
radiation iodine kelp onion
   radiation garlic chlorella potassium
   radiation chelation Metal Magnet brown seaweed
   radiation vit. C vit. A Miso soup
   radiation apple & citrus pectin chaparral extract Morton iodized salt
   radiation N-Acetyl-Cysteine Acetyl L-Carnitine trace minerals
rosacea zinc sulphate copper
sinus Sinufix spray colloidal silver spray Chlorotrimaton
skin vitamin E vitamin A Omega3-EPA/DHA
skin - acne Omega3-EPA/DHA potassium zinc
skin - dry olive oil magnesium glycinate vitamin E
   skin - dry vitamin A potassium Omega3-EPA/DHA
skin - cancer Resveratrol grape seed extract D-glucarate
   skin - cancer calcium ellagic acid nuts & berries
stress licorice root extract GABA valerian root
   stress chamomille theanine taurine
   stress glutamine Tyrosine bananas
swelling (edema) potassium
teeth-decay calcium phospate/citrate
teeth-protection green tea (flouride)
thyroid vitamin D iodine copper
   thyroid zinc boron Omega3-EPA/DHA
ulcers,stomach licorice root extract Bismuth (PeptoBismol) bananas
warts banana outside skin taped
weight loss (slenderizing aid) CoQ10(ubiquinol) apple peel carnitine
   weight loss vanadium chromium iodine
   weight loss AFA - blue-green algae GABA taurine
   weight loss zinc chickory soy
   weight loss phenylalanine glutamine Tyrosine
   weight loss brown seaweed SAM-e 5-HTP
   weight loss bananas
wounds aloe honey colloidal silver
   wounds zinc Omega3-EPA/DHA
wrinkles copper
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