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Latest update 2013:

Had CDiff 2 years ago.  The enzymes cured it for me.  Now I have contracted something similar from the hospital where I work, but have finally conquered that too.

This latest chronic diarrhea issue seems to be coming from the air and the water, believe it or not.  Anyway, my solution is simple..... COLLOIDAL SILVER.

50% OFF SILVER AND GOLD at Utopia Minerals (high quality), my choice. - 8oz. - $12

1. Drink 1/2 to 1 oz. everyday.
2. Gargle thoroughly (spit out) at least once per day.
3. Use the silver as nose drops or nasal spray frequently.
The attack here must be on the sinuses, as that is the true source of the problem.
Silver is working for me, and I am actually completely cured now.
I buy the silver from Utopia online.  Really good deal at this moment from Utopia.  Half price.  I plan to get 4 more on Friday.
Good luck,


My advice for Cloistroidum Difficile BACTERIUM after 1 year of suffering with an advanced strain, here is what actually worked:


Acidophilus + L.casei (brand is JARROW from
Saccharomyces Boulardii +MOS (brand is JARROW from 
FLORA FX (Youngevity from Dr. Wallach... buy below...)

The 3 items above are my COMPLETE answer for CDIFF.

    AND   'PEPTO BISMOL' seems to have an astonishing benefit (bismuth turns stool black...)


Flora FX


the 'good' bacteria that destroys digestive disorders


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A Probiotic Formula to support a healthy digestive function!
This is imperative for ideal absorption and utilization of nutrients!

Everyone I know is feeling "sick" somehow.  In addition to C-Diff, I have seen so many problems originating in the sinuses, mucous causing every kind of problem thereafter, especially digestive.  Below may help you with all the "thereafter" as it did me.


All humans need this now!  Badly!

Our air and water is questionable
and everyone is
getting sick!

it helps everything...


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This blend of vitamins, minerals and botanicals in a base of pure, OXYGEN-saturated aloe vera juice is formulated to support overall good health.*Supplement Facts
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The most incredible thing I have discovered is the new warning message on the Flagyl AND Vancomycin factsheet given with the prescription at the pharmacy:
"This medication may rarely cause a severe intestinal condition (Clostridium Difficile associated diarrhea) due to a type of resistant bacteria."

I stopped the antibiotic and began to get well!!!!!  Can you believe that what the doctor gave me to treat it was actually causing it to continue???  God.

Bio-K plus - 1 capsule a day (the best Acidophilus + L.casei), or a cheaper one
called Jarrow-dophilus ( but you need extra Acidophilus then.

Diet is equally as important as the nutrition from supplements.  Probiotic (enzymes) are the most important treatment of all!  And the minerals help a lot.

-gluten-free diet (wheat, grains, bread, pizza, pancakes, cereal, pasta)
-no cruciferous (leafy) veggies like cabbage, lettuce, spinach, broccoli, brussel sprouts
-no lactose if you are lactose intolerant
-no fried foods
-no carbonated drinks
-avoid preservatives, processed food like deli meats  (no nitrates)

Pig Pak from Youngevity, your 90 essential nutrients.

There it is, folks.  The simple solution that works!


The following is what I was hoping would finally work but never did!  Instead, it created pure hell on earth.

Flagyl (metronidazole) 250mg every 4 hours  (Vancomycin did not work!  It does not work on this!!!!!)  Frequency matters here!  NOT every 12 hours!  (Now I say never take it for more than the first 2 weeks!!!, regardless what the doctor says).


*Bio-K plus - 1 capsule a day (the best Acidophilus + L.casei)
It can take a year to eliminate, so don't despair.  The earlier you catch and treat it the less time it takes.  But nearly always takes a 2nd 2-week prescription at the very least.  I was on Vancomycin for 3 months without success.  It just got worse.  Switching to Flagyl has helped but for the nausea, but only for a week and then it began to get much much worse!  I am back again to ground 0 even with the Flagyl, so obviously I don't have the answer!
Intravenous vancomycin has proven not to work very well at all.    Capsules are better.

C-DIFF is not contagious after the 3rd day of antibiotics (Flagyl), so they say.  This according to the team of digestive disease associates.  The infectious disease specialist says this is not true, and that it can always be contagious.  I do agree with him.  But I query him since he could not understand how the spores could create a situation where the 3rd stool specimen in a row was the only one positive.  He didn't understand the 'pockets' that are causing such a holocaust in me!  He even said I must just wait until something else was invented.

*For those of you who find the wonderful Bio-K plus too expensive to handle (at $25 for 10 caps), I am about to try a cheaper probiotic from because it has L.casei:

Jarrow Formulas Jarro-Dophilus EPS (Enhanced Probiotic System) -- 120 Vegetarian Capsules
Item No. 790011030249
Ships within 24 hours

Note:  I will probably need to add another capsule or 2 of only acidophilus because this has only 4.4 billion and Bio-K plus has 50 billion organisms.  But maybe 2 of these will be enough and I won't need much more acidophilus.  But even with both it is cheaper this way.

Oh yes, also I found the enzymes that include ox bile, betaine, pancreatin, papain, pepsin and bromelain to be very bad for me.  They wouldn't stay down for more than 5 minutes!  So READ your ingredients!


The following definitely helps as well along the way:


Saccharomyces Boulardii+MOS (MannanOligoSaccharides) - 1 per day at different time from Bio-Kplus
as needed at times of inflammation, where soreness to touch bowel:
Omega 3 - EPA/DHA - 1 capsule
If you have a day when you feel really really toxic and sick, Oscillococcinum flu remedy helps a lot.  Available at most drugstores.
Hyland's "GAS" homeopathic tablet
Hyland's "Carbo Vegetabalis" homeopathic tablet.  Healthfood stores carry these.

Hyland's Chelidonium helps the washing machine churning effect.

no spicy foods at all
no dairy products
no beans or corn
eat FISH, lots
popcorn for nausea

I found it most definitely helps to avoid gluten, too.  Diet is equally important as the pills you take!!!

most important of all:
Plain old hand soap is best, antibacterial or alcohol based cleaner doesn't kill C-Diff or MRSA.
It spreads or even REINFECTS from hands, yours or someone else's, everytime a toilet is used without washing hands... hands to food to mouth. 
C-Diff takes 3 times around of stool samples to prove or disprove its presence.  One negative does not mean the next day won't be positive.  (If the first is positive, the next 2 aren't necessary, of course).  Quickest test in a HOSPITAL LAB, not Quest Diagnostics!  That took me 3 weeks to get the results and by that time the bug had migrated stronger, as well as being infectious in the meantime.
Views differ about it being airborne.  It is only airborne at a diarrhea explosion or flushing your toilet after one.  This I believe truly, and that it is always contagious and can re-infect you over and over again that way.  It can drift out onto your clothes and body.  Close your toilet lid before flushing.  And wash your clothes often.  Certainly wash your hands every time.  Then clean your toilet seat with Chlorox wipes and pour more Lysol POWER disinfectant with bleach into your toilet bowl.  Also use the chlorox blue cake for the toilet water tank.

MRSA is airborne and can be prevented by TEA TREE OIL in nostrils regularly.  But I have opinions of a digestive disease team of doctors, an infectious disease specialist, and a very experienced nurse which differ.  Doctors say it is not airborne.  The nurse who has worked with it says it is, as is the opinion of another nurse I know.  You are going to have to find out more elsewhere, I'm afraid.  Oh yes, the world's expert, Youngevity's own Doc Ed, says that it is always contagious.  And I believe him completely.

  So...  I just wish you luck.  You will need it!
Chlorox wipes for toilet seats.
Lysol POWER disinfectant with BLEACH for toilet bowls.
Those are the ONLY two that work.
Don't miss any doses of Bio-K plus or your minerals.!
Wash your hands a lot!
Stay home when you are sick.
Good luck, I hope this works for you, as I wouldn't wish my ordeal on anyone.  But I am now no longer resigned to the fact it is killing me at 66.  To my knowledge, I have no other options.  If you do, please oh please contact me!  Below is email address.


Thenk you, God.  I have found the other options!!!   :)

Love & Light,

Martha S. Heney


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