Sacred brass statues from India

Dancing Nataraj Shiva OM incense stick holder
Meditating Buddha Aladdin Lamp
Dancing Ganesh Agarbatti Incense
Lord Krishna Crystal Skull
Cobra Shiva Lingham stone

Shiva -

Shiva Nataraj is both destroyer and re-creator. This statue illustrates a legend in which he subdued 10,000 non-believers by dancing on the demon of ignorance. He dances in the flaming circle of fire, which symbolizes cosmos. By beating on a drum with his right hand, he summons a new creation. His left foot symbolizes liberation, and the vertical eye on his forehead, gives light to the world.


Bronze Nataraj Shiva


height 4"



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Brass and Copper Nataraj Shiva

brass and copper

height 4"


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Buddha -

Brass Meditating Buddha

Siddhartha Gautama, known as the Buddha, was born in the sixth century B.C. in what is now modern Nepal. His father, Suddhodana, was the ruler of the Sakya people and Siddhartha grew up living the extravagant life of a young prince. According to custom, he married at the young age of sixteen to a girl named Yasodhara. His father had ordered that he live a life of total seclusion, but one day Siddhartha ventured out into the world and was confronted with the reality of the inevitable suffering of life. The next day, at the age of twenty-nine, he left his kingdom and newborn son to lead an ascetic life and determine a way to relieve universal suffering.

For six years, Siddhartha submitted himself to rigorous ascetic practices, studying and following different methods of meditation with various religious teachers. But he was never fully satisfied. One day, however, he was offered a bowl of rice from a young girl and he accepted it. In that moment, he realised that physical austerities were not the means to achieve liberation. From then on, he encouraged people to follow a path of balance rather than extremism. He called this The Middle Way.

That night Siddhartha sat under the Bodhi tree, and meditated until dawn. He purified his mind of all defilements and attained enlightenment at the age of thirty-five, thus earning the title Buddha, or "Enlightened One". For the remainder of his eighty years, the Buddha preached the Dharma in an effort to help other sentient beings reach enlightenment.


height 7"




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Ganesha -

Brass Dancing Ganesh

Hindu Elephant God of Success - Remover of Obstacles. Ganesha is the Remover of Obstacles, Bringer of Good Fortune, He is the Lord of Success. He is also known as the destroyer of vanity and god of education and knowledge.  Also called "Trouble-Eater."


height 3.5"



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Krishna -

Brass Lord Krishna with flute and halo

Krishna, the god who delivered the message of the Bhagavad-Gita  to Arjun, is worshipped in thousands of temples throughout India.  As a loveable child, as a shrewd diplomat, as a great sage and even as a fearless man of action, Krishna's personality has fascinated for ages not only Indians but also thinkers of other lands.

Lord Krishna is not only the pivotal character of the Mahabharat but also the author of one of the most sacred books of the Hindus - a treasure house of philosophy and a fountain of solace to the troubled hearts it has been said that in Krishna we have the fullest and the most perfect manifestation of the divine.

Krishna is the eighth incarnation of the supreme God Vishnu in Hinduism. According to the Bhagavata Purana, Krishna is purna-avatara or full incarnation of the supreme god.


height 8"


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Cobra -

Cobra brass statue

In Jainism and Buddhism the snake is regarded as sacred and has divine qualities. It is believed that a Cobra snake saved the life of Buddha; another protected Jain Muni Parshwanath.  According to the scriptures, Lord Krishna  conquered Naga(cobra) Kāliya and put an end to the evil deeds on this Hindu festival day (Nāga Panchamī).

On this day, married women and girls wake up early in the morning to bathe, arrange for puja, and go to the nearest ant hill (snake's home). They perform puja to the snake's home and pray to the Snake God (Indian Cobra  - Murugan's incarnation) for the wellness of their families. This day is like Raksha Bandhan for South Indian Hindus. If there is no ant hill nearby, they offer puja to snake statues erected in nearby temples. A portion of milk used for puja is taken back home and offered to everyone as prasad.


height:  7"



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OM Incense stick holder

Brass OM incense holder

heavy brass

height:  3"



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Aladdin oil lamp

Brass Aladdin lamp

heavy brass

height:  7"



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Agarbatti Incense sticks

Shivranjani Agarbatti is a natural Masala base incense product, specially designed 
to spread a mild but pleasing flower fresh aroma, leaving behind an impression of serenity, 
with a longer retaining property.

box of
10 sticks


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Crystal Skull (small) on velvet pillow

This small, impressive crystal skull of clear quartz crystal is unique and beautifully
crafted. Makes a great display and conversation piece. 


height:  1.5"



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Lingam Stone on velvet pillow

Shiva Lingam Meditation Sacred Stone

The Shiva Lingam, of natural gemstone, is found only on the banks of the
Narmada River in India.  This powerful meditation tool transcends many
levels of consciousness.  Tantrically identified as the embodiment of
oneness, the combined energies represent the union of opposites or
universal harmonics.  The Lingam Stone has a very grounding, balancing
effect on one's living space, absorbs negativity, and exudes peaceful serenity.




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from India


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